Monday, 9 May 2016

Extreme weather event forecast for South Island New Zealand


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There’s going to be some huge rainfall amounts for the west of the South Island this week. Several weather fronts will be hitting the region over a period of a few days, which means that the prolonged period of rain could generate a massive total of 400 to 500 mm (20 inches, ed) in some places by the weekend, especially about the Southern Western Ranges. The first place to be hit will be Fiordland, where a heavy rain warning is already in place for heavy rain from Monday night.

The heavy rain then kicks in for Westland and Buller on Tuesday night, with the heaviest falls expected around the ranges. We are also forecasting heavy rain for the headwaters of the Otago and Canterbury lakes and rivers south of Arthur’s Pass from Tuesday evening. Heavy rain over such a long period is likely to cause some rivers to rise rapidly and make conditions difficult for trampers. 

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