Thursday, 11 June 2015

Guy McPherson discusses the hacking of his blog and other matters

Guy's message here was important enough, in my mind, to extract it from Tuesday's show and post it here.

Seemingly there are still people out there that still believe that such things like the hacking of a website don't happen - let alone the authorites warning someone off cooperating in no uncertain way.

For the time being, this constitutes bullying and harassment but I am sure that at some stage (and soon), the gloves will come off.

The hacking of Nature 
Bats Last

Guy McPherson talks about the hacking of NBL and other matters

Guy provides backgroung to:
    (1) the recently hacked blog,
    (2) an ex-promoter of Guy's message scared back onto the sidelines, and
    (3) Guy's response to these and similar threats.

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