Sunday, 15 January 2017

Freezing conditions in Russian Federation

Russian TV says “Ice Age”

Just to demonstrate that western corporate media does not have a monoploy on stupidity we have this bit of nonsense brought courtesy of Russia Insider.

The temperatures I experienced in Moscow and Leningrad in the late-70’s do not quite equal these temperatures, but a bit more like the Russia we have been brought up to expect.

These were the temperatures that repelled Hitler’s Wehrmacht and will certainly do the same to the pampered westerners of NATO should they be stupid enought to take on Russia

Perhaps the fact that these conditions are mostly a memory and the term "Arctic conditions in Russia" a surprise should say something?

Perhaps,instead of talking reduced solar acttvity and an “ice age” on the basis of a few weeks they should look at the following that shows Arctic temperatures to be a whopping 2.12 degrees Celcius warmer than average.

I wonder if this paints a picture?

Or the entire global picture?

I wonder if this map of the jet stream might say something? 

And then there is the state of Arctic ice. Literally collapsing in the middle of winter.

And they want to talk about solar minimums and an Ice Age?!!!

Nsidc_global_extent_byyear_b (1)


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  1. The sun is putting out less energy now, there are no spots on the sun, this happens every 5 years of our 10 year solar cycle but from the looks of those graphs, the ice is still in decline in the arctic, if this was the leading edge of another ice age, that arctic ice would be growing not thinning & shrinking.
    Even as the climate heats up, we will still have spells of cold weather.
    One cold spell doesn't mean a ice age is on the way, it's just a cold spell, a part of weather not climate.