Thursday, 19 May 2016

Guy McPherson on tour in California

Guy has been on the road in California and keeping a pretty hectic schedule. Here is his presentation tonight

Wed 18:30 in PDTSanta Monica, CA, United States
6 people interested · 4 people going

It looks as if he has had some time for some reading....

But it has been pretty hectic. 

Here is a comment on Facebook from Guy

My life on the road is hectic. After nearly three weeks into this ongoing speaking tour, I was chatting via Skype. I fell asleep during the conversation for at least 15 minutes.

Something similar happened a couple days earlier when I was talking on the phone. That time, dropping the phone on the floor of the car woke me up.”

Here is Guy's presentation from a couple of weeks ago. Heck, that was BEFORE the fires in Fort McMurray!

From Abrupt Climate Change to Climate Collapse 
Guy McPherson Presentation CA 3 May 2016

Here is the Q &A

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