Monday, 23 May 2016

Fort McMurray fires - has someone got something to hide?

Questions as to why there is such a shroud of secrecy, why all those entering Fort McMurracy have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, why Canada turned down international offers of help.

What are they trying to hide?

Something to hide? Anyone entering Fort McMurray required to sign non-disclosure agreement

Ever since the event, the media has repeated the 'fact' that 2,400 structures were destroyed, and that, 'thankfully', 90% of the city was 'saved'. If the city was substantially spared, why do Canadian media reports also state that "Fort McMurray is not ready to resume its role of home to anyone yet"?

Oddly, a 'cone of silence' was imposed on the city shortly after the wildfire forced its entire population to flee on May 3-4.

What are they hiding?

Was the destruction wrought by the wildfire on 'the capital of Canada's oil industry' far worse than the government claimed?

See also this, from a few days ago. You do have to wonder.

Alberta/Large Surface Collapse Possible/Steam Caverns

The Beast, Alberta's Large Forest Fire is Forcing Large Underground Thermal Steam Caverns to Shut Down, These Large Steam Chambers will collapse

The Destruction of Alberta

ALBERTA FIRE/URANIUM Connection/Clinton Foundation?

People are being kept from the town of Ft. McMurray.

Uranium’s Lingering Glow – Alberta has untapped wealth in the radioactive mineral, but the road to opening the first mine is a long and bumpy one
Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

In this YouTube video, you can watch vehicles attempt to escape Fort McMurray as hot embers from towering flames just a few feet away rain down on them.

The gigantic wildfire that has forced the evacuation of the entire city of Fort McMurray in northern Alberta has been nicknamed “the Beast“, and mainstream news reports are telling us that it is now approximately 25 percent larger than New York City.

88,000 people have already been forced out of their homes, at least 1,600 buildings have been destroyed, and smoke from the fire has been spotted as far away as Iowa.  To say that this is a “disaster” is a massive understatement.  
Northern Alberta is “tinder dry” right now, and authorities say that high winds could result in the size of the fire doubling by the end of the weekend.  One-fourth of Canada’s oil output has already been shut down, and the edge of the fire is now getting very close to the neighboring province of Saskatchewan.  This is already the most expensive natural disaster in the history of Canada, and officials fully expect to be fighting this blaze for months to come.
At this point, only rain is going to stop this fire.  Canadian authorities insist that they are not going to be able to defeat this raging inferno no matter how many resources they throw at it.  The best that they can hope for is to try to steer it away from heavily populated areas until the rain comes


This was a comment on my Facebook page:

No secrets here. They have to repair numerous breaks in the electrical grid and natural gas pipelines. Also all the stores have to remove all the rotting food, clean up, then restock for the people moving back in. The people moving back in will be moving back in phases so as to not overload the garbage collection systems with all the rotten food in their own homes. There are no no disclosure papers to sign. Some people had to sign statutory declarations that they were in fact residents of Fort Mac to get a $1250 prepaid visa. Some people got out with literally the shirt on their backs.(no identification)”

They sign a non-disclosure form because of rotting food ad breaks in the electrical grid?? Who’s this guy trying to kid?

No disclosure papers to sign. Not what the TV report says.

I know the media lies – but about this?

Mainstream television as conspiracy theorists?

I’ve got no evidence either way but comments like this on social media from someone I don’t know persuades me that something is being kept from us.


  1. Fella, there is NO "satan"! I love your very informative videos but ancient superstitions have no place here.
    Guess what, there are no "evil spirits" or "devils" either & the earth is not flat.

  2. The bible is ancient, ignorant BS!
    This is so sad, to combine valuable information that was well put together until the religious nonsense at the end, with its ancient, WRONG superstitions!

  3. Yeah the smoke was down here in southeast Iowa, I can testify to that.

    1. how do you know it came from Canada; did you check it's passport... ;)

    2. I'm curious as to how you know it was from Canada...did you check it's passport. ;)

  4. This is driven by greed of people governing and ruling us. Partly it comes from their ignorance - nature is stressing us to evolve - she will take heavy toll, as we delay - For many years, I have been pointing to two basic ignorance’s by which humanity is digging his own grave. One is the ignorance of how nature and climate works. The other is ignorance of God, by which we let religions rule us and lead us into self-destruction in the name of God. Science generated hopes of liberating us from religion and take us to Truth. However, they made nature and life complex and beyond comprehension of common person. It has only ended giving tools to evil minds to exploit nature. It is common sense that earth has parallel world. When one part opens up to sunlight/heat and expands, the other part simultaneously cools and winds to gain new order. This design and earth’s motion and life in it helps the earth sustain its surface temperature within a limit such that life thrives. In short, two basic forces heating and cooling sustain life on earth. Only humans, who thinks he is intelligent is destroying it, virtually digging His own Grave. We are exponentially increasing the heat of the environment. We are intruding into night cycle when earth cools; we are destroying greenery that absorbs heat and CO2 and gives vital oxygen. Consequence is that both heating and cooling process is accelerating bringing destruction. It is nearly two decades since, I have been pin pointing to the danger to which we are leading ourselves. Take my word we are in for huge natural catastrophes. Noble laureate James Lovelock has predicted destruction of nearly 5/6th of the population. Good News is that we can survive and enter Golden Age provided we awaken Truth and Light

  5. How can anyone "know" something that's we are unable to know because it's a mere belief without evidence? The evidence we do have shows that no "god" made us or our universe.

    Humans have invented millions of "gods" through the centuries, the small tribal "god" of Israel is no different than Isis, Thor, Shiva, Mercury,Mars, great spirit, Jupiter, Allah, etc etc etc.

    Overpopulation is a HUGE problem, we are far beyond what our planet can support without these temporary resources.

    Supernatural religions have been very destructive to our planet as it teaches believers things that have been PROVEN to be untrue.
    We are NOT a "special creation" we EVOLVED along with other animals & plants over millions of years, we are a part of nature not separate as most religions teach

    These religions are a business, they are in competition with other religions, that's why they teach to hate others of different beliefs, they must destroy the infidels & unbelievers who are a threat to their business.

    I think it is our belief that we are separate from nature that has led us to be so dam destructive, we don't believe we can harm the earth because we are "special" we are NOT that special, we are just a kind of APE!

    Capitalism is a cancer as it requires endless GROWTH & it's this growth that is destroying us & the life on this planet.

    We cannot survive without an environment, if the climate becomes to hostile to our agriculture, or if it becomes too hot for us to cool ourselves through sweating, it's all over for us, we will all die.
    No amount of prayer to imaginary "gods" can change that.
    Never has, never will.

    1. You sound like you are trying to convince yourself.

  6. The entire city is covered in melted sex toys giving off toxic fumes. No one is allowed back into the city until all evidence of the wicked plastic tools for copulation have been countermanded and destroyed. The world must never know of the outrageous satanic orgies held in Fort McMurray, proceedings so extreme in their epic fornications that only a blaze of apocalyptic proportions could cleanse the city of its debauchery.

  7. Oh, shame I missed all that. Sounds like fun was had.

    1. Poor Budd, she sounds like a deluded religious fundie, "debauchery" indeed!
      And to think of all the fun we all missed! I wonder if the fire missed any of those "sinful" sex toys?
      Who needs "wicked plastic toys" to copulate anyhow?
      I bet "Adam & Eve" didn't have such things!
      They just did it!
      Perhaps, I, "Ztormbringer" & Patricia Budd could all get together & go debauchering!

  8. Any time, any where, debauching as a service, lol