Sunday, 8 May 2016

Fire in Manitoba and conditions elsewhere

Note from Robertscribbler -
"Huge Arctic heatwave on the way. Big meridional south to north wind pattern setting up in the North Pacific"

Forest fires rage along Manitoba, Ontario border, mandatory evacuations called for

Aerial photo of wildfire burning at Caddy Lake.

6 May, 2016

Multiple communities have been evacuated as two massive forest fires rage in eastern Manitoba Friday.

The first wildfire started Thursday evening northeast of Caddy Lake in Manitoba. It’s grown in size to 700 hectares and expanded into Ontario.

Water bombers from Manitoba and Ontario fought the blaze until late Thursday night and have started once again today. Nora Lake, Florence Lake and the community of Ingolf, Ontario have been evacuated as a precaution

Ontario Provincial Police are assisting in the evacuation. Provincial fire crews are setting up sprinkler systems around cottages in high risk areas.

Many evacuees have fled to West Hawk Lake.

Authorities hope changing winds will help them get the fire under control.

The second fire lies east of Beresford Lake along the Manitoba, Ontario border and is advancing into Ontario. The wildfire has grown to approximately 10,000 hectares. Provincial crews continue to battle the blaze.

Smoke rises into the sky as 10,000 hectare fire east of Beresford Lake.

Cottages in Nopiming Provincial Park near Beresford Lake are under a mandatory evacuation notice as this fire is growing.

Eight helicopters and nine waterbombers are actively fighting Manitoba’s 24 active fires according to the province’s website.

A fire near Fort St. John, B.C., shut down the Alaska Highway Thursday afternoon. It was reopened Thursday night, though a travel advisory remains in effect.

Two wildfires in northern B.C. merged Thursday night, state of emergency declared

An evacuation order has been issued for about 45 homes near the Alaska Highway in northeastern British Columbia because of wildfires in the area.

Another fire starting NW of Southern tip of Lake Baikal

This image, created with an image from JAXA, shows that sea ice extent on May 6, 2016, was under 12 million square km, more than 15 days ahead on extent in the year 2012.

  • Sea ice extent was 12 million square km on May 21, 2012.
  • Sea ice extent was 11,986,358 square km on May 6, 2016. 

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