Sunday, 11 February 2018

The Spending Bill Gives 165 Billion Dollars to thePentagon Which ‘Lost’ 6.5 Trillion

Manifest Evil: Spending Bill Gives 165 Billion Dollars to Pentagon Which ‘Lost’ 6.5 Trillion

Trillions Missing ; 

Rumsfeld announcing trillions missing from Pentagon day before 9/11: 

Madeline Albright on Killing Iraqi Children with Sanctions: 

Yeah, we were right because simply calling us names to make us seem crazy doesn't stop the truth from being true: 

30 billion a year to solve world hunger: 

Sanders Mouthpiece of Deception: 

Bipartisan Compliance Implementing Sanctions on Lies: 

Media SWOONED over the delegated puppet to direct need to cut programs for People to stop 'deficit' spending. 


Rand Paul:

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