Friday 23 February 2018

More on the Florida shooting

Please don't mistake this for endorsement. Some things, like the following video, speak for themselves. Other items have a considerable degree of theorising.

CNN censored this student from asking the questions he wanted to ask
WATCH | ROTC student Colton Haab, who shielded students from the school gunman, says CNN scripted the entire townhall event and censored him from asking the questions that he wanted to ask.
Confirmed: David Hogg Works For John Podesta’s ‘Center For American Progress’\

21 February, 2018

The saga continues; David Hogg is not only a crisis actor ready and willing to look good for the cameras in times of trouble, he is also a confirmed puppet for the Podesta funded Center For Amerian Progress. Looking back on his Tweets, we found that David Hogg’s first posts were dedicated to the Podesta organization. He was excited about his new journey and ready to end sexual assault once and for all. On the surface, an organization dedicated to stopping sexual assault sounds noble and appealing, but the fact that it’s a Podesta project can only leave us wondering if their intentions are as good as they say they are.     
As we can see in this photo, Center For American Progress was founded by none other than John Podesta. Besides his love for all things shady and liberal, David Hogg has yet another person claiming he was never a student at Parkland High School and this time, it’s an actual member of Antifa. 
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“David Hogg didn’t attend #Parkland high school. I went to school with him at Redondo Shores High School in California and he graduated in 2015. Here he is in our yearbook from 2015. He always wanted to work for CNN and be an actor.” #GunReformNow#NeverAgain
The Antifa account also posted a screenshot of when David actually graduated and where.

Some are saying that the Laguna Beach Antifa account is “bogus” and should be suspended for hate speech. Antifa suspended for hate speech? That’s a new one. When one of the most violent liberal groups in America can even tell that David Hogg works for them, then there’s a problem. Here is another photo that’s been circulating the internet: It’s a picture of what appears to be David Hogg in a CNN shirt getting ready for his next gig. 
The arguments for this just being a conspiracy theory, that David Hogg is indeed a student at Parkland High School are as follows: “This is bogus.” “I saw this on 4chan so it can’t possibly be true.” “All the liberals are telling me this theory is just a distraction from gun control debates.” Here it is, the proof right in front of them, and they still choose to defend fake news.

URGENT: Stasi State, Mental Health & the details of the DRILL!


If this was in isolation I could reluctantly accept that this is a possible response to trauma. Taken with other evidence it is at the very least bizarre.

Someone just turned me onto this FBI file from 2011, so I had to check it out for myself and see if it were true.
This file shows the former FBI agent father of the accused "crisis actor", David Hogg, and how he was a special agent for the Crisis Management team, located in SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA in 2011.
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