Thursday 22 February 2018

Sane Progressive on the expansion of Police State

Expansion of Police State As Power Sought For Preemptive Detainment and Unconstitutional Seizure

Sane Progressive

LINKS - Click SHOW MORE FOR FULL LIST: Go to my twitter feed for the links on Florida Shooting research by alternative sources CNN transcript with student who says a drill was planned with blanks:  

Media Responsibility: 

Excellent video by Grace here, good for a new person who is just ready to consider evidence 

Jimmy Dore/Binney, Great vid here: Copy Cats - don't like daily mail - only included to show that police ALREADY have power to detain on THREATS: 

Florida Plan Post Incident: 

Police Rep PLEADS for power of Preemptive Detainment: 

Citation Statistic for number of people detained in Florida given here: 

Baker Act Exams up by 50% in Florida: 

Newsweek article that concedes low violence rate and asserts that we have to make equation disputed by research: 

Propaganda Legal: Trump pushes mental health: 

See how it all neatly fits: 

Richie from Boston video with MSNBC clip I played. Thanks Richie! 

Baker Act used on homeless roundup recently Look to a pattern of it happening elsewhere: 

Mental illness is a strawman: 

Its Securing Americas future act: 

Legalized use of propaganda: 

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