Sunday 31 December 2017

Are we witnessing the beginning of regime change in Iran?

Turns out my instincts yesterday were absolutely correct but no one to have picked it up. 

My immediate fear on seeing the videos of demonstrations was that spontaneous economic demonstrations would quickly turn into regime change.

No one will notice – except those reading this blog - because they’re all celebrating another milestone towards their own demise (New Year) and sleep  ‘

'Suddenly’ we will get the ‘news’ propaganda that the “evil regime” "has to go".

Meanwhile the Iran government and Revolutionary Guards are hardly likely to take things lying down.

Excellent backgrounder from Alex Christoferou of the Duran.

As Kevin Hester says, “brace for impact”

Early stages of regime change in Iran (Video)
Are we witnessing the beginning of regime change in Iran?

Alex Christoferou

30 December, 2017

Now that Syria has been lost, the United States is going straight for the main prize, an overthrow of the current government in Iran.

All the chatter and demonization of Iran that has been making recent headlines serves a purpose.

This is standard American regime change 101.

Demonize using mainstream media soft power.
Ramp up economic sanctions.
Cause internal strife.
Foster, fund and promote protests.
Rinse and repeat.
Are we witnessing the beginnings of regime change in Iran?

A woman protested on a street corner without her hijab of Thursday is now conveniently being turned into a symbol of revolution.

3:10 AM - 29 Dec 2017

Protests broke out in several Iranian cities this week.


Calls to in cities across

Protesters in Kermanshah chanted “Death to the dictator! Death to the dictator!”

In Esfahan protesters were chanting, “Death to Khamenei!”
In Rasht protestors were chanting, “We will die. We will die but we will take Iran back!”
In Hamadan protesters fought with police.

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