Sunday 31 December 2017

Behind the MSM headlines

I will repeat what I have said before. I abhor Turner’s politics but will refer to him as someone who will say things that others won’t that are often accurate.

I don't see the Iranian government or the Revolutionary Guards lying down while the Empire concocts a color revolution.

Iran Government Troops OPEN FIRE on Protesters - 3 Killed, Many injured --

30 December, 2017

Elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG) have opened fire upon unarmed civilians who were protesting the corrupt radical Muslim government. At least three civilians are confirmed dead and "many others" have been injured.

In addition, Intelligence sources confirm that Iran has begun moving large quantities of S-300 air defense missiles in several areas of the country, giving weight to earlier Intel Assessments that the Iran government may look to start a war to divert public attention in order to try to survive the public protests presently in their third day --- or to "go out with a bang" as they lose power and decide to take as many as they can down with them.

Here are the limited facts as I now know them:

At 1:02 PM eastern US time, IRG forces opened fire on a crowd in Doroud, central Iran, killing at least 3.

As protesters fled the gunfire, some of them set fire to the City Council building.

Video below reportedly shows Iranian forces moving towards Mashhad, but the convoy would seem transporting Russian-made S-300 missile systems (Air Defense)

The situation in Iran got very precarious yesterday (Friday) which was made clear when a nationwide SMS message was sent to all military forces declaring "EMERGENCY -- CODE RED -- ALL UNIFORMED MILITARY PERSONS REPORT TO THEIR ASSIGNED AREAS IMMEDIATELY" That story was first reported HERE.

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