Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The latest from Guy McPherson

Guy McPherson and Pauline describe the timeline toward human annihilation with abrupt climate change

Guy McPherson and Pauline talk about the timeline towards human extinction, abrupt climate change, the end of human life on earth, increasing deaths from wet bulb temperature in the tropics and their lives in Belize as we all approach death. We were never promised another day, so what do we do as we approach collective mortality? Plus Pauline is a fan of Twenty One Pilots.

http://thatchannel.com 2017-11n-02 with Hugh Reilly and Lamont Daigle

Tim Bob on Hambone, Arctic Ice, and Me

On 11 November 2017 I engaged in casual conversation with Hambone Littletail at the mud hut in New Mexico, as indicated in a previous post. Tim Bob subsequently edited the video and created a mashup with his customary aplomb. 

The result is embedded below.

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