Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Record-breaking weather for Melbourne despite la-NIna watch

It’s la-Nina-watch

ENSO UPDATED TODAY 21st November & the BOM have upgraded their "La Nina watch" to a "La Nina alert" 

Despite that looks like record-breaking weather.

Scorching Melbourne Weather Could Break 155 Year Record
It's hot out there.

Scorching Melbourne Weather Could Break 155 Year Record
21 November, 2017

Melbourne is pretty close to smashing a record for warm weather as the city swelters under its hottest stretch in 155 years.

BOM senior climatologist Blair Trewin said we were well on track to break records.

"We haven’t previously have more than six days in a row over 28 degrees in November – today’s number four and we’re forecasting to get at least seven.”

In a statement on Twitter, the Bureau Of Meterology (BOM) confirmed the city's marathon eight nights of temperatures above 15 degrees - with the CBD currently sitting at a toasty 30 degrees.

"Forecast is for the warm conditions to continue for at least another 6 nights," wrote the BOM on Twitter.

Trewin said averages of 22 by day and 13 by night were usual for Melbourne in November.

  1. Beach weather continues in : mostly sunny, max 32°C. Very high UV until 5pm so don't forget to ! 📷

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