Monday, 27 November 2017

Is the knife about to fall on the Clinton cabal?

Nobody,except for those who believe the “Make America Great Again” nonsense would believe now that Donald Trump is a good POTUS.

By the same token he is not what he is being portrayed across the entirety of the media.

I reject outright the dualistic “good vs evil” approach of the Libtards – Clinton must be good because Trump is....

For me the following broadcast is one of the clearest exposition of what to most is a highly -confusing situation with narratives competing to such a degree that one might be forgiven for thinking one was living in a parallel universe.

My sensitive nose tells me who's lying, and who's not.

It is so confusing because of Trump’s authoritarian streak, and that everything he is doing is against the public/human interest.

Never mind Trump bringing fascism to America. It was already there and Trump’s contribution in my mind is likely to be to bring the whole festering House of Cards down.

Another way of saying that Trump is likely to oversee the complete collapse of American power and the fall of the Republic as we have known it and perhaps a falling-way of the pretence of “democracy” in the United States.

In conclusion, we have to relinquish a goods VS evil attitude. They're ALL bad but this corruption right through the political class, the media and American institutions has to be revealed for what it is.


I have been looking for "the other side" of the story but this is all I can find from propaganda channel CNN with its blanket statement that Pizzgate is "completely false."

This is all I found.

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