Thursday, 8 September 2016

Discussing "A Farewell to Ice"

Mike Ferrigan is back with Extinction Radio with this interview with Prof. Peter Wadhams. Turns out he didn’t retire from his Cambridge job, but was pushed. Britain’s loss and Italy’s gain.

Extinction Radio’s Mike Ferrigan interviews Prof Peter Wadhams

Listen to the podcast HERE

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  1. At point 55 minutes in the interview Peter Wadhams is in my opinion a little misleading though not deliberately! :-)

    He says more or less: The Antarctic Ice is holding out and is in fact growing very slowly. The Antarctic ice is advancing when it should be retreating!

    Sea Ice round Antarctica is increasing due to increased freshwater melt from West Antarctica's Glaciers, Ice Shelves and Ice Sheets. East Antarctica too is melting at the Totten Glacier.

    View Following:
    If Global Warming Is Real, Why Is Antarctic Ice Growing?

    Trouble at Totten Glacier

    If the above viewpoint is in his book then it's inaccurate. I believe he simply isn't concerned about the Antarctic.