Saturday 24 September 2016

Russian escalation and the move to WW3

Russia Pulls Out its Portable ICBM Launchers

The world is moving towards a major conflict with Russia and her allies


RAF jets are regularly involved in missions to protect Baltic airspace from Russian aircraft, however, Vladimir Putin is now deploying his most-advanced anti-aircraft missile system to the region as part of his increasingly belligerent stance towards the former Soviet states 
The advanced missile system can blast jets out of the sky from 250 miles
Putin has ordered two regiments of Growlers to the St Petersburg region
The missiles will cover airspace over NATO's Baltic allies and Finland
Putin will have 16 Growler regiments available by the end of the year

The highly-advanced S-400 Triumph, known by NATO as the SA-21 Growler, pictured, is capable of shooting down an aircraft at a range of 250 miles at an altitude of up to 90,000 feet 

Russian president Vladimir Putin has moved his most advanced anti-aircraft missile system within range of NATO's Baltic base as he continues to order his nuclear bombers to patrol the North Sea.

The S-400 Triumph, dubbed the SA-21 Growler by NATO, can destroy an aircraft at a range of 250 miles at an altitude of 90,000 feet.

Putin ordered two batteries of the highly-mobile supersonic missile systems to be deployed to the area around St Petersburg, putting a missile shield over much of the Baltic region.

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