Monday 19 September 2016

Attacks in the United States

"Intentional" but" not terrorism"

These attacks are heaven-sent as the United States tries to cover up its association with ISIS.

Police Seek Motive Behind NYC Bombing, As Strange SJW Manifesto Take Credit For Explosion

In a day in which the Islamic State claimed responsibility for a "soldier" who stabbed nine people in a Minnesota Mall, authorities were urgently trying to avoid labeling last night's IED explosion in midtown Manhattan which injured 29 people, as the second terrorist attack in the same day. So, it not terrorism, what was it? 

According to the latest attempt to steer the narrative, and as we reported last night, investigators are treating the explosion as an “intentional act,” and while they haven’t ruled out terrorism, weren't willing to label the explosion as a terrorist act until authorities had a better idea of a motive, Mayor Bill de Blasio said......

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An explosion occurred at a train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey, after a suspicious backpack was found. The detonation was not controlled, the city's mayor said. Meanwhile, the FBI has questioned five people in connection with Saturday’s Manhattan blast.

Elizabeth's mayor, Christian Bollwage, said the blast occurred when authorities were trying to "disarm" the backpack, and that the explosion was not controlled.

"This was an explosive device" containing as many as five devices, Bollwage said. "Based on the loudness, I think people could have been severely hurt or injured if they had been in the vicinity."

A law enforcement official confirmed the bag contained pipe bombs, The New York Times reported.

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