Tuesday 20 September 2016

The new Axis of Evil (US-UK-ISIS)

I found this an excellent discussion of events in Syria

UK Column News - Axis of Evil (US-UK-ISIS), Globalist Farage & Migrant Warfare

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson & Vanessa Beeley, including:

START Russian Foreign Ministry : ‘the White House is defending Islamic State’

04:54 ‘All we saw in reality was the expansion of ISIS,’ & US support for Al Qaeda

07:12 The Supreme Crime of All International Crimes : the Crime of Aggression

09:23 Forward Observers; ‘An extremely well planned operation,’ & the Grand Muti

11:45 Ceasefires, frustration, betrayal, lies, resurgence, Aleppo, equipment & ‘Aid…’

12:13 Pipelines, Dier ez-Sur & ‘All the areas that being contested’ by the US & its Allies

14:57 Annexation, ‘Safe Zones,’ Gas, Oil… & Turkish Citizenship gifted as Bribes.

19:41 ‘This is not Journalism.’ Cathy Newman is a tool for Imperialism : nothing less.

24:17 Syrian people are infuriated with ‘All the Terrorists’ – there is no differentiation.

29:23 ‘Merged with al-Nusra to bolster their equipment… they were that well equipped.’

32:41 - A Whistlestop Tour of the Transnational Drive to Achieve Global Governance -

37:59 The ‘Street of Death’ in Homms, the Weaponised Refugee Crisis - & the Migrants

43:25 Farage, the Farce of Western Geopolitical Propaganda, al-Nusra & ‘Crusader Pigs…’

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