Monday, 2 May 2016

Continuing abrupt ciimate change in Wellington, New Zealand

Balmy temperatures in Wellington in mid-autumn

Today is the 2nd day of May and we have a drying northerly wind and the temperature is 21C (approx 70F) in our garden (in the shade)

Look at this the graph which indicates an average HIGH temperature of 16C (approx. 61F) in April

I cannot think of a single day where the temperature has been less than 16.


Someone has finally noticed the drought that I've been chronicling for months.

2 degrees warmer than usual in the capital city with only 2 rainy day this month (meaning 2mm of rain or more).

NIW are predicting this to last another couple of months. Mind you they don't seem to have heard of climate change, especially in its abrupt form.

What about that hot blob in the Tasman Sea? No mention of that.

The light-over-easy presentation that one would expect from the media.

The drought in Wellington
Capital basking in unseasonable warmth

A map reflecting the situation

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