Monday, 16 May 2016

Arctic ice melt - 05/15/2016

Thanks to Harold Hensell

The Bering Straight is open

Arctic Ice 05 15 2016 The Bering Strait is open. 

A clear pathway is open for ice to flow out of the Arctic Ocean. Norton Sound and the Bering Sea are also open. 

Icebergs can flow into the North Pacific Ocean if they don't melt before they get that far.…

Same location last year May 2015

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  1. Robin, I don't mean to be an anti-alarmist, but the 2 photos in this post have vastly different scale. The lower res 2015 photo shows the strait open almost exactly as much as this year. I'm very very concerned that abrupt climate change is cooking the planet and I truly appreciate your efforts, but these 2 photos don't mean anything relative to each other.


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