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Antifa actions planned for November 4

Is ANTIFA planning blockades, civil unrest and violent attacks this Saturday?

I am going to go out on a limb here.

I have been aware for some time that people have been saying that AntiFa have been preparing for an action this Saturday, 4 November.

It could have been a right-wing beef-up and that is what the liberal press has been saying just that.

Just that fact alone – together with what I have been observing since Trump’s inauguration – has made me think that it is not.

However,my attention has been drawn to a video that comes from a chapter of Antifa themselves which shows a small group of activists holding up traffic on the freeway for a full 30 minutes. What is most amazing about this is that (and you can see this for yourselves) the police appear to be protecting the demonstrators and not the traffic backed up on the freeway as you would expect.

The website from where this footage is taken gives some details of what they have in mind.

I have to point out that I have some understanding of these young people and what might motivate them from my own distant past, 40 years ago, when I took part in actions of this sort. I was definitely a Leftist. At least then, there was far less at stake and we were never at risk of causing any major disturbance and we certainly didn’t have the financial backing of powerful establishment forces.

Listening to some of the commentary, I have to say that I do not identify in any way with the ideology expressed in any way. Some of it I still find rather distasteful.

I have been listening to Hal Turner on this who I find both distasteful but whose force of logic I find difficult to fault when it comes to the facts (as opposed to interpretation) and recommend that you at least listen to what he has to say with an open mind.

It may persuade you perhaps to have a quiet day at home and not venture into the centre of cities for a day.

Just to clarify (and you should understand this already) I am not a Trump supporter but try to watch from the side what is transpiring in America.

If anything reflected my attitude it would be this:

"Impeach Trump? Yes, there are a dozen good reasons to impeach Trump! I have nine grandchildren who will grow up without clean air and clean water. He's a terrible president. There are a dozen good reasons to impeach Trump. But this Russia collusion nonsense is not one of them."
--Ray McGovern on RT (paraphrased, via Facebook)

This, to me, is what it means to go beyond ideology, to be able to listen to someone whose ideological underpinnings you disagree with and still be able to recognise the truth in what they are saying.

Based on what I have read and learnt I am convinced that there is an attempted coup happening which involves powerful force trying to divide American society and force them to the extremes. I believe it is called ‘Divide and Rule’

And so far, from everything I have observed, they are succeeding brilliantly.

First see this from the Antifa website, along with the video footage (in the link – not the You Tube video below which reports on it)

The full 30 minute Antifa video can be seen HERE

Refuse Fascism Blocks LA Freeway, Taking a Knee: NOV 4 IT BEGINS

Photo credit: Peter Switzer

9/26, downtown Los Angeles, Refuse Fascism blocks rush hour traffic, taking a knee and holding letters that spell out NOV 4 IT BEGINS.

What is November 4?
How do you join in?

… ON NOVEMBER 4, 2017:

We will gather in the streets and public squares of cities and towns across this country, at first many thousands declaring that this whole regime is illegitimate and that we will not stop until our single demand is met: This Nightmare Must End: the Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

Our protest must grow day after day and night after night—thousands becoming hundreds of thousands, and then millions—determined to act to put a stop to the grave danger that the Trump/Pence Regime poses to the world by demanding that this whole regime be removed from power…
Read the entire call here…

Next, and more controversially, is this from the Hal Turner Show.

Get through his diatribe against the Left and communism and you will come to some of what he is saying, based on what he says are his contacts with the FBI.

The most shocking details (IF true) are that some of the organisers of AntiFA travelled to Germany for the anti-G20 protests and while there met with representatives of al-Qaeda and ISIS and made enquiries about bomb-making and other things.

In addition he talks about the people in high places that are working with them such as the present mayor of New York who told us yesterday that “we are all Muslims”.

I could have accepted that this was the most outrageous “conspiracy theory” until the events in Charlottesville as well as the material above showing police protection for the activists.

I will leave it to make of it what you will.

This expresses the fears and suspicions I have, not a fixed position.

I sincerely hope that all this is wrong or that – with the cat out of the bag – these people will back down as so often happens with False Flags when they are revealed in advance.

INTEL: November 4, RIOTS, ROAD and HIGHWAY BLOCKADES, CIVIL UNREST / VIOLENT ATTACKS Being Planned under the guise of ANTIFA "Protests" in the following cities --- PREPARE

For subscribers to this web site, below is official Intelligence information I have received from my former colleagues in the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), regarding pending "protests" by groups calling themselves "ANTIFA" (Anti-Fascist-Action). In reality, these are mostly Marxist/Communist organizations seeking to use racial strife and violence to collapse the US Government.
Their methods are simple: Anyone who does not agree with their political views is a "NAZI" against whom it is OK (in their minds) to use violence.
And what ARE their political views? 
Open Borders.  No Deportation of Illegal Aliens. An end to what they call the "Fascist" system of Capitalism in the United States, with "all wealth (individuals and corporations) controlled by government and distributed equally to all people." An end to private property ownership, with all property assigned by government based upon people's needs. An end to "Hetero-Normative Bias" . . . the idea that heterosexuals marrying and having families is "the norm" -- instead, all Male-Male/Female-Female/ must be equally viewed and encouraged.  Further, they demand an end to "the Patriarchal model" of families, where the father is the head of the home.  They demand free health care and prescription drugs to all - including immigrants who come here from anywhere! They demand free education - up to and including college - for everyone, including immigrants who come here from anywhere.  They demand an "end to White Supremacy" and the idea that civilizations created by White People are somehow "normal" or "desirable." They demand "Reparations" for people of color for decades of "discrimination" in America.  They openly state that anyone who disagrees with ANY of this, is a "NAZI" and they are now openly talking about putting such people in "Extermination Camps" because the ideas of personal responsibility, merit, and individual achievement, hold-back people of color.

According to intelligence assets who have infiltrated these groups, severe violence, riots, road & highway blockades, outright ATTACKS on businesses (including LOOTING and ARSON), "revenge" attacks against perceived Trump Supporters and overall Civil Disruption are being actively planned!  Their stated goal is  "once this begins on November 4, it will not stop until their demands are met."

Members of these groups have begun bringing AR-15 semi-Automatic Rifles with Ammunition, to their events within the past month or so. Other members of these groups have brought do-it-yourself FLAME THROWERS.  Others have brought urine-filled balloons, feces-filled sandwich bags, cement-filled soda cans, all of which they hurl at anyone who opposes them
At past "protests" by these groups, individuals have been brutally attacked, beaten and even killed.  Stores and businesses have been looted and set afire.  Roads have been blocked.
If you live or work in any of these places, you should be extremely vigilant beginning on November 4.  These protests have a goal: "TO FORCE OUT PRESIDENT TRUMP and VICE-PRESIDENT PENCE."  The plans being made are specifically designed to make the nation "ungovernable" until the groups' demands are met.
Your safety . . . and perhaps even your LIFE, may hang in the balance in some of these places, so you knowing where these activities are already being planned may save your life. For non-subscribers, I will only say the focus will be in "Sanctuary Cities, Counties and States."  Specifics are listed below for subscribers.
So convinced of the likelihood of extreme violence and chaos is the US Department of Defense (DoD), they plan an "exercise" beginning a day in advance, involving HAM Radio Operators who are part of the Military Amateur Radio Service (MARS) to give status reports from each of the 3,143 counties in the United States, so the military can get "situational awareness" to gauge the impact of certain events. THAT IS HOW SERIOUS THIS IS!

Here is an excerpt from the radio show

P.S. I will happy accept comments about the facts or otherwise but not ad hominems or slurs based on the sources

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