Sunday 27 December 2020

Dr Paul Cottrell on COVID lies Vaccines, PCR testing

 Dr Paul Cottrell warns America about COVID lies Vaccines, PCR testing and more

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  1. Robin, apologise length but scissors are snipping away..
    Dr Vernon Coleman, England. December 26,2020.

    This is the shortest video I have ever made and I think it is probably the most important.
    I have just seen a report from a A.C.I.P. COVID-19 vaccine work group, at the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in America. The ACIP is the ´Advisory Group on Immunization/vaccine Practices´, and this is a report on anaphylaxis on COVID-19 vaccine mRNA Vaccine received.
    The report includes a table headed, the Safe Active Surveillance for COVID-19 vaccine.
    The table lists the number of registrants, that is to say that people have had the vaccine, with the recorded first doses/injection by December 18 as 112807.
    And the number of health impact events as 3150.
    Health Impact Events are defined as "Individuals who are unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, and require care, from a doctor or health professional."

    That is 2.79% and it is within days of receiving COVID-19 vaccine .
    If 60 million people in the UK have the COVID-19 vaccine , we can expect 1.67 million people unable to work , unable to perform normal daily activities and to require care. I don't know how long for.
    If 6 billion people worldwide have the COVID-19 vaccine , then the number rises to 167,000,000, and remember, this is a short-term problem.
    We don't know what will happen in the medium and long-term.
    The link to the report: Urgent Information about COVID-19 vaccine, on my website under the health button.
    Please go in, see it and share it before it disappears.

    If anyone at the BBC or any other mainstream media has any integrity they will put this as their main news item on their next bulletin.
    I am not telling anyone whether or not to have the vaccine, I am not anti-Chocolatexx. for some odd anti-Luddite reason. I am pro-science, and pro-truth I am doing something that the governments won't do. I am helping people make an informed choice, that is all I have been doing since March 2020.
    And for that I have been banned, libelled and sneered at by the ignorant, prejudiced and the bored.
    In my view what this report means, is that the COVID-19 vaccine rollout/launching-starting date/ has to be stopped NOW.

    If it has not stopped then we will really know what is going on. If governments are really guided by the science, as they claim to be they will have no choice.
    People often say: ´What can I do about all this`, well it's very simple. You send copies of this video, and of this report which is on my website to journalists, MPs, politicians, family and friends - anyone who wants more information about the COVID-19 vaccine.
    If you want to stop this, you can – it is up to you.. You can make a difference.
    Click on the box below, and it will take you straight to my website. And you can find the CDC report under the health ´button´.
    Thank you for watching – an old man in a chair..


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