Sunday 20 December 2020

Fr.Malachi Martin foresaw today over 20 years ago

Malachi Martin died in 1999, allegedly murdered because he revealed satanic worship in the Vatican in his novel Windswept House

The prescience of Fr.Malachi 


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The late Father Malachi Martin was a renown exorcist and Jesuit, a one-time advisor to three Popes, and best-selling author. As a member of the Vatican Intelligence Network, under Pope John the 23rd, Martin helped extend the Church into Iron Curtain countries. 

In 1964, concerned about the corrupting influences of power, Martin was released from his vows of poverty and obedience after 25 years as a Jesuit. 

He left Rome for New York, where he did odd jobs until a Guggenheim Fellowship enabled him to write his first bestseller, Hostage to the Devil.


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