Thursday 31 December 2020

More from Vinny Eastowood on the possible January 15 lockdown

 Recapping the NZ emergency news

Contact the government and tell them you do NOT want another lockdown on January 15th!
Don't let them demonise us! 

Alleged Background
1 We sent in the real paperwork that proves New Zealand is operating as a corporate fiction outside of the crown Monday 28th. 2 The Queen calls Jacinda Ardern on Tuesday 3 The Navy is meeting on 10th January 4 The entire Navy is leaving for England on the 12th 5 Lockdown planned for the 15th

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  1. IMO Vinny is so stressed he is not thinking clearly. He must know NZ's Navy is no match for China, but is carrying on almost frantically that our only defense will have gone.
    Mind control target? It crossed my mind.


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