Saturday 26 December 2020

A meditation for Christmas

 Perhaps this might speak to you at Christmas time. Mooji is a spiritual brother, disciple of Poonja-ji .

This Is the Peace of Christ, The Love of God ~ Guided Meditation with Mooji on Christmas Day

In celebration of the universal message and presence of Christ, we are delighted to share this Guided Meditation with Mooji on Christmas Day. This is a profound and auspicious opportunity for deep contemplation. In guided meditations, Moojibaba points and reminds us of our true source and home—pure, timeless Awareness. “When you are absolutely nothing, you find galaxies of love, worlds of peace, oceans of joy. It is a paradox that you have to give up everything to find everything. That is what Christ means when he says, ‘He who loses everything, finds everything.’ The one who gives up his life for Truth finds everlasting life. Now it is your turn to solve some of these ancient paradoxes.” ~ Mooji

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