Sunday 20 December 2020

Paul Cottrell on coronavirus

I have not listened to Paul Cottrell. Time to revisit him.  This video was from October

 #CORONAVIRUS: SOLUTIONS - Stefan Molyneux and Dr Paul Cottrell

Stefan Molyneux interviews Dr Paul Cottrell about the looming health, financial and economic effects of the #coronavirus pandemic.

What is the latest news on vaccines? Are they safe? Was the danger of the pandemic overblown?

How long will it last, and what should you do to prepare?

Paul's Channel:

Dr Paul Cottrell is a researcher in chaos theory and has interests in modeling financial markets. Some have considered him a polymath of sorts. Born in Detroit, Michigan he has extensive professional experience in engineering and design. After retiring from automotive engineering he pursued interests in corporate finance involving the publishing, retail, and non-profit industries. He currently is a proprietary trader specializing in currency and energy markets.

In addition to modeling financial markets, his research interests are in developmental economics, behavioral finance, complexity science, energy industry, risk management, and the uses of artificial intelligence in trading financial markets. He has been awarded a Ph.D. specializing in finance from Walden University. He has also earned a M.B.A. and B.S. from Wayne State University. Engineering certificates from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) have also been awarded to him. Dr. Cottrell is currently at Harvard University as an ALM candidate specializing in Biology and has completed the Pre-Medical program at Fordham University

Here is his interview with Judy Mikovits - still on You Tube

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