Saturday 19 December 2020

The Economic Reset

This is the best analysis I have seen in quite some time.

The Economic Reset with 

Ernst Wolff

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Another lockdown: next round 

of redistribution | From Ernst 


Erneuter Lockdown: Nächste Runde der Umverteilung | Von Ernst Wolff

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A comment by Ernst Wolff .

The federal government announced another lockdown on Sunday. It can already be said that the measures ordered beyond Christmas and New Year will certainly not help to improve the health of the people in the country. On the contrary: many measures unsettle, frighten and wear down those affected, weaken their immune system and even make them more susceptible to disease.

Anyone who thinks that this is due to the amateurism or the helplessness of the rulers in the face of a new and previously unknown disease is likely to be wrong. Calculus and method can be recognized behind the measures: What we are currently experiencing points to the deliberate incapacitation and intimidation of the population and the establishment of an arbitrary rule with the aim of reducing social resistance in the face of the impending catastrophe in the economic and financial sector to break.

Its decline was extremely accelerated in 2020. After the powerful recession in the spring caused a severe slump, those responsible did not support the economy, unlike in previous years, but deliberately stifled it under the pretext of fighting a disease. Since the current system is in its final phase, they obviously decided to use this inevitable collapse for a gigantic looting operation.

Such amounts of money have never been created and poured into the pockets of the ultra-rich as this year. The middle class has never been deliberately brought into such trouble and thrown to the big corporations for food in such a way as in 2020. And never before has social inequality worsened to such an unimaginable extent as in the past ten months.

Since this development creates considerable social resistance and endangers the existing structures of rule, those who sit at the levers of power are currently obviously using all the options available to them to consolidate their position.

This includes the restriction of freedom of expression, which this year has been pushed forward in an unprecedented way, as well as the restriction of freedom of assembly, which has also never been so severely restricted as in 2020. In addition, there are the constant arbitrary measures against the entire population, the expansion the monitoring and the targeted destruction of the middle class, which the new lockdown is largely inflicting the death blow.

What we are experiencing these days is the introduction of the next higher phase of this arbitrary dictatorship. However, its scope is likely to go far beyond anything we have seen so far. Anyone who imposes nocturnal curfews does not even bother to provide halfway comprehensible medical justifications, they terrorize the population in an openly physical and mental manner, check their compliance and test how far they can go with their measures.

Anyone who thinks these are all conspiracy theories should take a look at what was decided last Thursday at the headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt: while the media and politics put people under pressure and breathless with the impending lockdown held, the following decisions were made there:

The sums of money newly created as part of the pandemic emergency program will be increased by half a trillion euros to 1.85 trillion euros and commercial banks in the euro zone will now be allowed not only until June 2021, but until June 2022, to raise money from the ECB to borrow at negative interest rates to pass on to their customers as loans. In addition, the deadline for further monthly purchases of billions by the ECB has been extended by one year to at least 2023.

For those to whom these numbers do not mean much because they are unfamiliar with the financial sector, these amounts will neither stabilize the system in the long term nor will they save distressed small and medium-sized enterprises. Once again they will flow directly into the pockets of ultra-wealthy investors who will fuel the current financial casino in their own favor.

In other words, the big redistribution is entering the next round.

The books  "Ernst Wolff explains the global financial system" and  "World Power IMF" by Ernst Wolff are recommended in this context.

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