Monday 21 December 2020

Christmas is cancelled in the UK

Paul Joseph Watson often offers something that is BANNED - common sense


Pubs closed. Christmas cancelled. Borders - still open!

More Corona Cases in London 

at The End of Lockdown Than 

Before it Started

So what was the point?

Summit News,

8 December, 2020

Health experts tracking the effectiveness of the UK’s latest lockdown say there were more COVID cases in London when the lockdown ended compared to when it started.

Their solution? Another lockdown. Because that makes perfect sense.

England entered a second national lockdown on November 5 before that was lifted and the three tier system reintroduced on December 2.

However, it appears to have had no impact whatsoever.

Less than a week after coming out of lockdown, London may be about to enter another one (tier 3 restrictions are basically the same as a full lockdown) because of a rise in coronavirus cases.

The capital is now the second worst region in the country, just behind the West Midlands, with more than 15,000 people testing positive in the past week, a rate of 169.6 per 100,000 people, up from 150.9 a month ago,” reports the Telegraph.

Responding to the numbers, Professor Paul Hunter at the University of East Anglia said: “There were more cases at the end of lockdown than at the start in London.”

So what was the point of the lockdown?

Despite the lockdown having achieved nothing but a rise in cases, Hunter advocated for another lockdown, asserting that London should be moved to tier 3.

He did not offer an explanation why the recent national lockdown had failed to affect the case numbers or why, despite this, subjecting the capital to additional restrictions would be a wise course of action,” reports

Meanwhile, just weeks after imposing a 17 day “firebreak” lockdown, the Welsh government is now saying that another lockdown may be needed before Christmas.

Once again, the “answer” to a failed lockdown is yet another lockdown

Paul Nuki brings, as ever, the voice of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation global health establishment, arguing, “Boris Johnson had no choice but to tighten restrictions” because “with the R rate above one, hospitals struggling, and a new strain spreading across the South East, the PM’s hands were tied”. Nonsense, of course. But towards the end he inadvertently blurts out a confession.

Almost every year British hospitals fill up in the weeks following Christmas threatening a crisis in the NHS. This is caused by a range of factors – including social care staffing issues – but a large part of it is dictated by Christmas itself and the rules of contagion.

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