Thursday 31 October 2019

Are some chickens coming home to roost?





Things are falling apart rapidly. At times like this one gets contradictory reporting and considerable confusion. I think that I can safely disregard most of the mainstream narrative of Syria, Russiagate, Ukrainegate but it is very difficult to get to the essence of what is true.

There is little actual evidence of what is being talked about here, so it is not possible to say how much stands up to scrutiny in times of “the Fog of War”.

In this case Hal Turner's story is, at the very least replicated quite independently.

Listen to what Hal Turner has to say along with the audio which I have extracted from something that appeared on Twitter yesterday.

Finally, there is this audio which parallels much of what Turner is saying.

Here are some of the relevant stories as covered by the Hal Turner show.  Everything, of course, needs to double checked with other sources.


The state of Israel is CLOSING all of its foreign Embassies, worldwide, effective immediately. No consular services will be available and no persons will be permitted entry until further notice.

Ambassador Joel Lion, the Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine, says this is due to a Ministry of Finance decision, but history suggests something different: Something HUUUUUUUUGGGGGGEEEEE is about to take place.

It is almost unheard of that any country, even with financial authorizations lagging, closes its Embassies. It just isn't done. Yet Israel is doing so.

Is this part and parcel of the ALLEGED nuclear "false flag" said to be in the works against Seattle, WA and Los Angeles, CA for this Sunday, November 3? Unknown.

Does this have something to do with Diplomatic Cables uncovered in the lair of ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi? Diplomatic cables between Baghdadi and the US State Department were seized by US Special Operations Forces during the raid that killed Baghdadi over the weekend. If Cables were found to the US State Department, were any others found to and from Israel?????

One off-the-wall claim are those rumors that Israel had a nuke stored in strategic embassy basements around the world as a blackmail option. Will those nukes be detonated? Unknown.

This is very unusual and very disturbing. Clearly something very big is up. Endeavoring to find out what it is.

UPDATE 11:03 PM EDT --

Just a reminder.

We have two Aircraft Carries operational, one in Asia (based out of Japan) and one in the Arabian Sea. NOT A SINGLE OTHER US CARRIER can put to sea at the moment. 11 carriers and only two are capable of deploying at the present time.


United States troops participating in the operation to capture or kill ISIS founder and Leader Abu-Bakr Al-Baghdadi, came across -- and seized -- incredible materials during the raid.

Included in the items seized are CABLES to and from Al-Baghdadi and . . . the U.S. State Department!

The Cables provide first-hand, INCRIMINATING evidence of the Obama regime providing material support to the ISIS terror group.

More importantly, the cables contain names of senders and recipients . . .

Attorney General Barr, US Attorney John Durham, and other law enforcement officials are going over the CABLES . . .

Charges under consideration: Material Support of Terrorism. Conspiracy. Facilitation of murder . . . .


The Turkish Army has fired artillery at a Russian military police convoy in Syria. At least one vehicle was hit near Dirbesiye, Syria. Video below . . .

This is the SECOND attack by Turkey upon forces they should NOT be attacking, today! First they attacked and killed six soldiers from the Syrian Arab Army, now they've hit Russians.

Benghazi "Stand-Down" Order was to Cover-up ILLEGAL WEAPONS DEALS done by U.S. State Dept.

The DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) is 1 of 16 US military intelligence agencies. According to a leaked document obtained by Judicial Watch, the DIA wrote on August 12, 2012 that:
“there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist Principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime …”
This was written before ISIS came on to the world stage. Clearly ISIS was no random uprising, but rather a carefully groomed and orchestrated controlled opposition group.
The “supporting powers to the opposition” referred to are Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the GCC nations such as Qatar, who are in turn being supported by the US-UK-Israeli axis in their struggle to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. As outlined in this article Syrian Ground War About to Begin? WW3 Inches Closer, the US is backing the Sunni nations while Russia, China and Iran are backing the Shia nations, so there is the definite potential for this to erupt into World War 3. Below are screenshots of the actual DIA document:
US Senator John McCain visited the Free Syrian Army. In circle is the ISIS Leader Baghdadi
ISIS is a US-Israeli Creation: Indication 2: ISIS Leader Baghdadi a Mossad Agent
Although this indication is hard to confirm, there were reports apparently originating from Edward Snowden that the leader of ISIS (Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi) was actually an Israeli Mossad agent by the name of Simon Elliot or Elliot Shimon: [Editor’s note: this source and quotation are yet to be fully verified, including the source originating from Edward Snowden]
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, so-called  “Caliph,”  the head of ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) is, according to sources reputed to originate from Edward Snowden, an actor named Elliot Shimon, a Mossad trained operative.
Simon Elliot (Elliot Shimon) aka Al-Baghdadi was born of two Jewish parents and is a Mossad agent.
We offer below three translations that want to assert that the Caliph Al-Baghdadi is a full Mossad agent and that he was born Jewish father and mother:
The real name of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is “Simon Elliott.”
The so-called “Elliot” was recruited by the Israeli Mossad  and was trained in espionage and psychological warfare against Arab and Islamic societies.
This information was attributed to Edward Snowden and published by newspapers and other Web sites: the head of the “Islamic State” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has cooperated with the U.S. Secret Service, British and Israel to create an organization capable of attracting terrorist extremists from around the world.
Source: Radio
Another source corroborates this statement, the site Egy-press:
With photo support, a Iranian media discovers the true identity of the Emir Daash, a trained Zionist agent.
Iranian intelligence discovered the true and full identity of the Emir Daash, which is known under the name Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi; his real name is Elliot Shimon. Its role in Mossad secret agent in the Zionist espionage. His false name: Ibrahim ibn Awad ibn Ibrahim Al Al Badri Arradoui Hoseini.
The plan: get into the military and civilian heart of the countries that are declared as a threat to Israel in order to destroy to facilitate thereafter, the takeover by the Zionist state on the entire

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