Monday 21 October 2019

Global headlines - 20 October, 2019

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Going Dutch? Low interest rates rattle 'world's best' pension system

## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
Mobile bank Chime goes dark for millions of customers as it seeks $5 billion valuation
Issues cropped up Wednesday, leaving users stranded at restaurants, parking garages and gas stations, unable to use their debit cards or pay their bills, according to interviews and complaints posted to the bank’s Twitter account.
"Issues" cropped up! It just goes to show the accuracy of my prediction that "issues" will topple civilization! -- RF
It should not come as a surprise, as one of the main purposes of the "cashless society" is to keep tabs on the populace. -- RF

## Airline death spiral ##
Qantas tests passenger limits — and pilot brain patterns — on world’s longest nonstop flight
The route isn’t official yet — Qantas is pushing both Boeing and its European rival Airbus to develop aircraft that could perform that mission with a full load of passengers.
A Boeing pilot complained in one of the messages that a flight-control system, known as MCAS, was difficult to control, according to the messages, obtained by NBC News.
"Travelers aren't merely scared of the 737 MAX, they're terrified of it."

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Civilian casualties at record-high levels in Afghanistan, UN report says
Defense chief: US troops leaving Syria to go to western Iraq
Defense Secretary Mark Esper says that under the current plan all U.S. troops leaving Syria will go to western Iraq and the military will continue to conduct operations against the Islamic State group to prevent its resurgence.
Turkey could seize US nukes stored at air base
Ankara doesn’t have access codes for devices, but they could be cracked over time and the fissile material could be used to make homemade weapons
In tandem with nuclear power, the nuclear threat to life on Earth is bigger than ever. As the global economy continues to deteriorate, we are faced with the increasing risk that nuclear weapons will be used out of desperation, and the growing danger that nuclear power plants will lose offsite power. There's no place to hide. -- RF

## Migrants/refugees ##
Mexico deports 311 Indian nationals in 'unprecedented' move
More than 300 Indian nationals who paid tens of thousands of dollars each trying to get into the United States arrived in New Delhi Friday after an "unprecedented" mass deportation by Mexico.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
WhatsApp tax the final straw as massive protests erupt (Lebanon)
It's the kind of statement that the political and military establishments in any of the major players want to hear. -- RF
Before you get excited, read the following article. -- RF
A good review of the many problems confronting the use of hydrogen. And remember: Hydrogen is not an energy source! -- RF
Russia’s Thawing Permafrost May Cost Economy $2.3Bln a Year
Russia’s oil and gas infrastructure isn’t ready for rising temperatures and melting ice.
When the power goes out, will you be one of the people left high and dry? -- RF

## Got food? ##
Michigan crop yield predictions: Setting all the wrong records in 2019
As Michigan farmers head to the fields between unrelenting rainfall events, many unfortunately will discover new record-low yields, if projections in the latest USDA October Crop Production Report for the state are realized.
What We've Lost
This is only a partial list of what we've lost to globalism, cheap credit and the Tyranny of Price which generates the Landfill Economy.

## Solutions ##
Perhaps you are not interested in starving the beast. Everyone has their own agenda. But there are still plenty of tips here for living in a post-SHTF world. -- RF
How a Visit to an 1800s-Style Village Can Help You Prepare for SHTF

## Environment/health ##
The Amazon hasn't stopped burning. There were 19,925 fire outbreaks last month, and 'more fires' are in the future
SUVs, counted alone, are now warming our planet more than heavy industry.

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
An Update on the Inquest Into the Death of Dawn Sturgess (Blogmire)
More on the ridiculousness surrounding the UK government's cockamamie conspiracy theory about the Skripal poisoning, which I think was most likely carried out by British authorities. -- RF
What Dawn Sturgess’ death tells us, beyond doubt, is that the government narrative is fake and the Skripal and Sturgess cases are two separate incidents.
Moderate rebels: The US has backed 21 of the 28 ‘crazy’ militias leading Turkey’s brutal invasion of northern Syria
Former and current US officials have slammed the Turkish mercenary force of “Arab militias” for executing and beheading Kurds in northern Syria. New data from Turkey reveals that almost all of these militias were armed and trained in the past by the CIA and Pentagon.
The Fed Is Lying To Us
"When it becomes serious, you have to lie"

On the spreading of rage throughout Japanese society. Too many humans, increasingly stressful societies, declining living standards, spreading poverty... No country is immune. -- RF
Bonmarche: Almost 2,900 jobs at risk as high street firm collapses into administration
‘Persistent challenges facing retail have taken their toll’, administrators say
Corps: No more Dakota Access Pipeline study needed
An attorney for the Army Corps of Engineers is asking a judge to sign off on the Corps' conclusion that the Dakota Access oil pipeline doesn't harm American Indian tribes.

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