Wednesday 23 October 2019

Discussing unrest in Chile

CHILE the pure and raw truth

by Ivan Agüin

translated by Ana

Many are surprised with what happened in Chile, how is it possible that this happens in the perfect society of Latin America ?, The Switzerland of America ?, the cradle of Latin American liberalism ?, the capital of Latin American development ?, the closest idea of Eden accessible to the Venezuelan emigrant ?, the surprise has been so great that the mysticism of this example of neoliberal perfection has fallen apart, a free fall from the mythological Olympus to the harsh reality, the reality of Chile being nothing more that a Chimera, an advertising product for ideological marketing to a false ideology, a mirage of corporate mass media that has baptized it as an “economic miracle”, creating in the mediated opinion the false expectation of living or emigrating to an oasis in the in the middle of a desert of delayed populistic third-world excrement. Chile was for many, the closest thing to living the American dream.

Chile lives after a fiction, a screen full of reflectors and neon lights, a fantasy of an idyllic world of American consumption, where social degradation is hidden, where injustices, unemployment or underemployment or outsourcing, or rather, precarious employment is the norm, where the gap between the elite and the dispossessed classes is embarrassing, being in reality the most unequal country in the entire hemisphere, where all the injustices that may exist accumulate together, where their common citizens in order to live and enjoy the most elementary services,  have to borrow and and end immerse in huge debts. In short, Chile is the realm of pyrotechnic happiness, where in turn a veiled feeling of hopelessness reigns, which in these days simply has come out naked into the light as a sign the relief for the long accumulated rage and impotence.

In Chile, by fire and blood, a theoretical system was imposed, ideological in quotation marks, the application of the most extreme radical “Liberalism” was implemented. That humane Chile, which was able to give birth to civilizing lights of the quality of Neruda, became a kind of rats laboratory, where some technocrats practiced a social experiment based on a logic dictating human beings to cease being human, and became a bit, a fact, an irrational consumer, a number, where only the individual interest of a few was pursued , in a desire for irrational insatiable accumulation through the extreme merciless exploitation of an entire population, at whatever cost necessary, like to slaughter, exterminate and make human lives disappear systematically, all in order to achieve numerical goals in a macro-economic format. This means that the Chilean letters as that of the sublime songs of  Violeta Parra, or  the perfection of the use of the castellian language by Andrés Bello, they were all  turned into numbers to be used to to fill in excel tables, to the extreme in which as of today in the whole world of traditional Spanish speech no one can understand them when they try to communicate.

People are surprised that a crazy, irrational and illogical system explodes in front of their own eyes, when the foolish thing was rather that it did not explode, how can someone in their right mind believe that a system that underlies a world of limited resources and behaves as if nothing were ever to be exhausted will not explode?, how would a system or model  based on inequality not explode?, people feel, have feelings, love, suffer, dream, come to this world to live, not to consume, much less suffer for it, a healthy-minded being enjoys the joy of others in their environment, a psychotic one is  who enjoys the pain and suffering of others, inequality only generates anger, misery and hopelessness , and only a sadist can be happy at the expense of misfortune and disenchantment of others, nobody in their right mind can like being abused, cheated, exploited, all this is unnatural, being the natural thing that people who are under such situation to rebel, to violently explode against such a condition, no one will like the injustice of being charged for everything, of being taken to the blood for enjoying a service, of being squeezed to the last penny you generate for Goodwill of your work, and in turn, with sadistic and stubborn alevosia, in front of your eyes, exempt taxes from the richest, that is what happens in Chile, and that is why what has now happened, is not because of the 30 pesos fare rise  to use the underground, is for a cluster of things, and in fact the price of the subway ticket was simply the drop of water that exceeded the patience of Chilean society, not more; to believe it is all about the subway is simply a way to banalize and try to ridicule the discontent of an entire people.

The neoliberal model does not work, and it will never work wherever it be implanted, it will always generate social discontent, for the simple fact of being antihuman, it is an irrational, illogical system, that works in reverse, a model that concentrates wealth and distributes the poverty cannot work, a system that releases the burdens and responsibilities from those who have the most, and puts all the burdens on the backs of those who have less, will never be able to work, unless people are forced into this, by using a rifle on the temples, no other way. Neoliberalism is a sick, sadistic, unethical system, it stands against nature, it is a failed model, which in a democracy could never thrive, this is only possible in a world of slaves, if a government applies terror to its citizens, that’s it.
The leadership of this sick model wants to cover the reality as when trying to cover the sun with a finger, blames the responsibility of its debacle to external factors, to a foreign government that can barely stand up by itself,  and wants to disclaim the responsibility of their own mistakes , arguing childishly aboiut a conspiracy of a highly secret character that seeks to establish “socialism” on earth. This means to try to convince an already politically grown up society to believe a ghost story in plain 21st century, fighting with imaginary ghosts, or simply going crazy  they declare war on the ether, when in reality they are declaring war on their own people, a people who they fear to look directly in the eyes, and definitively realizing with it, that no people in this world will accept the imposition of the neoliberal model in a docile way.

Now, let’s also not oversize what happened in Chile. Chile rises, the people rebel, but their rebellion is in the making, it has been a simple step, a call for attention to the world, but as such it does not have the strength yet to achieve a structural immediate future change.  Its over-dimension is media created, precisely induced by the government itself, which is applying a strategy to anticipate future events, remember that the implementation of neoliberalism in Chile was possible through Shock therapy, and what the government is doing today is to continue applying the same continuous therapy on this people. Would you believe that a minor group of common criminals, unarmed, or rudimentary armed that loot, require a state of exception  to be controlled and repressed ??? Do you know what does this means at all? Legally, it means to close the rule of law, to cut off the basic fundamental rights of any free society in a temporary manner, being it an exceptional way, a state supposedly in extreme concussion. Now, some looting, some pans, and a mobilization that can not be called massive, does it justify it?  curfew being required ???, or the use of military men with war rifles and tanks ?????, is it just not true …… it is more than clear, that the pantomime Government of the democracy that Chile has, is not  worried at all about the looting, nor the common crime, that  the use of civil security agencies would have been more than enough to control. But such as what this government did goes further than that, and has another more perverse purpose, which it is to apply State Terrorism. They want to scare, psychologically repress an entire population. Use it against those who plunder, against those who legitimately protest, even those who abstain, ii is aimed against Chilean society in general. This is the War that Piñera poses, jus to show everyone as a general threat, and that the Pinochet dictatorship is alive and behind the shadows, and that if they rebel, they will be massacred as yesterday. The Chilean government is applying psychoterror to its people, as a way of social control, it is that simple; the sociologists and social psychologists who work for Piñera apply the following thesis, “only when a society lives terrified and forced to think merely of its survival, can it approve measures that are clearly harmful to it,” the Pinochet dictatorship as in the past and in full force until today, needs terror, because nobody accepts on their knees a model that privileges the elites over the great majority.

Chile was the laboratory of what Naomi Klein called the doctrine of shock and it was tested over forty years ago, it was a psychosocial operation involving a successive series of clashes (coups, terror, collective massacres, ideological extermination, economic measures and military interventions , all mixed at the same time), in order to control the population, doing what we could call a kind of social lobotomy, erasing people’s minds to recreate them from scratch, through a neo-eunuch human being the which submissively could accept the implantation of a system against nature, neoliberalism. What happens but is that human creation is the work of God, and is above any human social experiment, and sooner or later, the Chilean sapiens would return from there, and now that they themselves point at each other, that the Chilean people have awakened, the Chilean Sapiens, the southern man or woman of flesh and blood has awakened, has regenerated, and returned for their privileges.

How much passivity can support the social body of a country like Chile where everything has been privatized?, or Colombia, where in less than three years more than  600 people were killed? Or from a society like Argentina, whose childish and innocent political decision to vote on the right has condemned them again to travel the painful path of indebtedness that they have already suffered three times? they have been inoculated, they may let you down, but nevertheless, the vocation of intrinsic justice of the human being will always seek its course.

I know that my detractors will try to disqualify me and banalize my opinion, bringing up, the precarious situation that Venezuela suffers today, trying to endorse incoherence to my words, when making a comparison of this with Chile, but there are huge differences around the nature of social protests registered in both nations. In Venezuela, the street riots recorded in 2014 and 2017 were financed, promoted and advised directly by Washington, this is not a fantasy of foreign intervention as Chile suggests today, it is something real and incontrovertible, the facts and evidence are irrefutable, I am aware of the legitimacy that every State has in conserving itself through the application of repression, but in Venezuela the repression always remained within the internationally accepted parameters, the protest was not of social nature as in Chile, but political, clearly seditious, collaborative directly to foreign interests, it was not the State as it does in Chile who intended to impose terror, but, it was the protesters who wanted to impose it, (remember the burning of people alive, the guayas, the snipers, and the use of explosives), both manifestations have diametrically opposed objectives, in Venezuela it was aimed at installing a neoliberal government, the type of Chile’s, seeking beligerantly to reimplant the IMF in Venezuela, while on the contrary, in Chile they struggle to free themselves from it. Chileans  do not necessarily seek to make a copy a of the Venezuelan government, but they claim to enjoy elementary rights and services that every normal and free society should enjoy. In Venezuela the middle class protests, all those who consider themselves to be part of the elite whether realistically or not, in Chile are  the popular classes who protest and part of the  middle class rationally conscious of its reality, the Chilean protest is clearly vindictive, the Venezuelan is clearly seditious, in Venezuela the armed forces are clearly people, and they do not represent in themselves an occupation force that is at war against its own people, instead  the Chilean armed forces are clearly elitesque, their high commanders belong exclusively to the wealthy class, and represent for their people an army of occupation that is at war, and that has his own people as an enemy.

This is the truth of Chile, and every honest, ethical person, with principles, dignity and honor, knows very well that I am not lying, if they want to have a reliable proof of this reality, of the validity of Pinochet as an evil spirit, as a living dead, just watch the following video …

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