Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The Deep State tries to entrap Jake Morphonios

Jake Morphonios is one of the You Tubers that I have respect for. This is perhaps borne out by the number of attempts to neutalise, threaten and decredit him

Jake Morphonios:Deep State Tries to Entrap Me By Using a Professional Con Artist

As you'll read in various articles below, the FBI regularly tries to entrap people by using real criminals or fake criminal scenarios. 

On Monday afternoon, I received a phone call from a German national who tried to entice me into participation in a multi-million dollar securities fraud scheme. 

She wanted me to use my connections from my days as a financial crimes investigator to link her up with loan sharks or anyone who would be willing to assist with her scam. What she didn't know was that I was recording the phone call. (If you can, please download this video in case it is removed.) 

She knew in advance that I am an honest person and I believe in bringing criminals to justice. It made no sense to approach me. 

The only plausible reason for her to try to use her con on me was that there was another agenda at play. 

The FBI routinely uses criminals to entrap people - including innocent citizens. The con artist tried repeatedly to get me to, at the very least, give her advice on how to work around the US Department of Homeland Security and commit securities fraud. 

I would not take the bit. 

Some will say that her offer of such a high dollar figure is so outrageous that nobody would take her seriously. That is an interpretation from the perspective of an average person. But remember, I was a financial crime/fraud investigator for a major bank. I know how much money gets moved back and forth by people at the upper tiers of personal wealth. And the con artist knew this about me. 

From my experience working with people who threw millions of dollars around like candy, the approach of this criminal was actually smart. She knew what I was used to seeing. Had she talked about thousands of dollars instead of millions, I would have seen her as low level player. 

You guys might not believe it, but I can tell you that there is a an echelon of wealthy international power players that conduct transactions in the hundreds of millions of dollars without a great deal of concern. I have since spoken with my attorney and other actions are now in motion. 

If anything were to happen to me or a family member, this is where you all should start looking. 

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