Thursday, 15 September 2016

Paul Beckwith interviewed on Radio Eco Shock

Extreme Climate News & Science

Radio Eco Shock,

14 Septermber, 2016

It’s been summer in the Northern Hemisphere, when viewers and journalists drift into platitudes and cat videos. Meanwhile the planet is going through extreme changes, not seen during the time of humans.

We’re going to spend this program going through the science that should have been foot-high headlines around the world. Plus some small signals of big things to come. Our guest is climate scientist and returning Radio Ecoshock guest, Paul Beckwith. Paul teaches climate and Earth science at Canada’s University of Ottawa. He’s got two Masters degrees and is working on his PhD in climate science. Beckwith’s You tube videos have been seen by millions, where he lays out the case we are already in a global climate emergency.
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