Monday, 27 April 2015


70 percent chance of TPP fast-track, says Minister

26 April, 2015

The Minister for Trade Negotiations thinks there is a 70 percent chance of getting a basic deal on the Trans Pacific Partnership done within a few months

Tim Groser says ending fuel subsidies will be a tough sell.Photo: AFP

Agreement is a step closer after a Congressional committee agreed on fast-track legislation.

This still needs to go to a full Congressional vote but Tim Groser is cautiously optimistic.

Tim Groser said two negotiating powers are very conservative, Japan and Canada, and there are difficulties still standing in the way.

Fast-track legislation gives a US president the power to make trade deals that cannot be amended by Congress, which can only accept or reject the agreement.

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  1. I believe the traitor is wrong, I doubt that they will get this through. Congress can agree to bomb the bejeezus out of any nation state but struggles to agree on anything as difficult as this.