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Earth changes in Japan


A massive sudden (1 day) rise of land has occurred along the coast of Hokkaido Japan.

Major global earthquake activity is taking place, and serious crustal movement is obviously underway in the region around North Japan.

new land sea rise japan april 2015aaaa

The new land began rising from the sea yesterday morning (April 24, 2015) with just a 1 meter rise  (3 feet), then began rising rapidly, the event is still ongoing as of April 25th into 26th 2015.

The new land mass has now risen over 50 feet above the water (near 1,000 feet long), and near 10 meters wide (30 feet)!  Not ‘small’ by any means, and a very rare occurrence to top it off.

This is being attributed to crustal movement in the area.

new land sea rise japan april 2015

new land sea rise japan april 2015a

new land sea rise japan april 2015aa
The pressure of the uplift has now caused minor landslides behind the rise.

Video report from NHK here:
April 24th, 2015

Translation from Japanese NHK article:

Experts found that residents of the ground in Rausu coast of eastern Hokkaido has raised over about 300 meters height 10 m width and “do not know exact cause, but seen the coastline has been raised.” we talk at around the 24th morning 6 around Rausu Horomoe the town in the Shiretoko Peninsula of eastern, and noticed that the ground is raised about one meter than usual when the residents who live near is a walk on the beach, then, 5:00 where it was found in around time, is that even the ground had been raised significantly.

Town is that the coastline had been raised over about height 300 meters, 10 meters  width where was confirmed scene around 18:00.
It depends on the police rather than housing and road around and it is that it does not damage to the human and buildings injury.

Emiko Funaki who lives near (60 years) “Do not than has been collapsed cliff and sea bottom is raised to. Is like a movie, such a thing you can not believe happen” has been talking to.

When you more in Kushiro Local Meteorological Observatory, activities of volcanoes and earthquakes in the vicinity Rausu is that it has not been confirmed on the 24th.

Yuichiro Tanioka Professor of Hokkaido earthquake volcano research Observation Center who looked at the scene photos of you do not know the cause that was “clearly, but sediment is not without wearing a stone, even if thinking, it is not a landslide. Coastline is raised and can be considered.
First of all we are talking about as it is necessary to examine whether “is happening crust of this area is.

Town will have to be investigated in the vicinity of the site along with the way of personnel from at the 25th 8 am as the cause is not clear.
Yuichiro Tanioka Professor of detailed Hokkaido earthquake volcano research Observation Center, such as the geology on which I saw the photo of the site, I do not know the cause that was “clearly, sediment is not without wearing the stone, if the landslides and be considered no.

Coastline I considered to have raised.

First of all I am talking about the need “to examine what is happening crust of this area is.”

From Fukushima Diary

The bottom of the sea rising up in Hokkaido / Land showed up overnight

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