Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Police arrest activist over Dirty Politics

To be confirmed

Whale Oil Hack – Dirty politics, New Zealand Police arrest cyber activist with strong labour party connections

21 April, 2015

Labour party associate and cyber activist Ben Rachinger
Labour party associate and cyber activist Ben Rachinger

LF have learned that the New Zealand police have just arrested Auckland law student and cyber activist Ben Rachinger following his online admissions surrounding the Raw-shark hack of Kiwi Blogger Cameron Slater’s computer systems and social media accounts. 

Rachinger is a law student at Auckland University and is allegedly close to Lynn Prentice and various other players at Labour party rag the Standard. Mr Rachinger has apparently already been released from police custody.

Rachingers twitter account take-down was swift.
Rachinger’s twitter account take-down was swift.

LF first suspected that police had moved when Rachinger’s twitter account was suddenly removed earlier today. LF will bring readers more as detail become available.


Here is some previous tweets - in case they are disappeared elsewhere.

Rachinger previously

Following from the previous thread on Ben Rachinger I’m tracking backwards, recording this in case it disappears.
   Standard operating procedure worldwide, attack the whistleblower & family, or set up honeypot trap.
Ben Rachinger:
 Oh I know this one well.
I’m estranged from my parents since police came to the door looking for Rawshark. In October.
Well before I ever said anything publicly. Imagine senior cops at your old and conservative parents door.
As for honeypots…. I’m not a bee anymore and I know exactly what I’m doing. Estrangement radicalised me
   Police thought you are Rawshark – morons.
 Ahhh it’s more than that but nothing I couldn’t handle. I.e. Please report on all your friends.
Police were alright. Just the system we live in.
It’d be amazing if Kiwis started talking about what they want in a new Political Party/System instead of giving the stagnant ones airtime.
About to school y’all why you should never play Mutually Assured Destruction with someone who doesn’t like power, money or living like you!
I first had interactions with C Slater in early 2014. I made the “Smoke and Mirrors” video series and he blogged them
I then subsequently was involved in discussions with C Slater about joining Freed Media, his new venture.
As a member of the inner circle of the Dirty Politics crew, I was privy to a lot of information. Bad quality but 
I should have prefaced this with a NB. NB. Cameron Slater has been good to me at times. This dump isn’t about him. No low hanging fruit.
Anyhow, that’s just establishing my bone fides. I’m taking you down, Key. Your shit stinks and I’m not tolerating it any more
At some point I’ll tell you what the going rate for inter-party hacking and website takedowns is. Also who in MSM and Left is complicit.
This goes out to all my friends, allies and those who walk in solidarity. Im finally manning up 
Farrar. Looking forward to showing New Zealanders about you, the Man who the PM thanked on election night. Sunlight is a beautiful thing
Even though the NZ Police came to my door… It was on 3rd party info. I have nothing against the Police. Unless they protect corruption.
It’s embarrassing how long NZ was prepared to let this shit go on for, don’t you have better ambitions for your children’s futures?
This is what my encrypted messaging app looks like (some redacted). Yeah. That’s right.
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And so it begins.
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I thought about leaking to a MSM journo but after checking the files, I could only find two that were clean. Can you imagine that problem?
People are never satisfied. Never.
Hey Mr Farrar, , got anything to say about this? Before I comment.
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Ok, I’ll comment  The fuck planet are you living on dude. You think you and John rule us? State hacking on cits? Looked like it.
Parliament needs to be dissolved. This year.
Fair warning on my ambitions.
I haven’t even started on the ‘hostage’, the ‘blinded trust’ or the Left yet.
You have been lied to. Extensively. Knowingly. Fuckthatyes
Hey Trotter, you sweating yet brah?
Q: Who told Slater about a “left conspiracy” to have him suicide/anhero?
A: Chris Trotter
Solution: Fucking prove it, Trotter.
I could have called myself Rawshark or some fancy name and dumped this on you…
Or I could just be Little Old Me. No masks, no drama.
 why have you chosen the whale over say, the bomber or Andrea Vance? – genuinely interested
Bomber is easy to pen and easier to understand. He’s essentially neutered. Vance, I cover later. She is NOT pure as snow.
haha interesting times indeed! Wouldn’t have thought of WhaleOil as a beacon of morality?
Haha he’s not. But he knows the really bad people.
Does Cam have stuff on Farrar & Key? Or just the left and MSM? Anywayz, thnx for the follow! I eagerly await whatever’s coming
On everyone. Hopefully he mans up and we clear the field.
Back to the main thread:
If its really an issue, someone else will take it up.
Goodnight, fragile and apathetic folk.

Ben Rachinger versus Cameron Slater


Ben Rachinger launched into a tweet storm today that raises some interesting issues in relation to Cameron Slater, Whale Oil and Freed.
I don’t know what of this is accurate or relevant so may edit later.
So only Labour and Nats are going to be on Spy Review Committee? No small parties? Ok, that’s great. Let’s talk about Labour and Nats then
I can do the story with a foreign journo and have it published in a VERY reputable and respected International publication. 
This is how I imagine certain people looking at me right now 
Alright. So late last year, as part of the talks to work for Freed, I was invited out to the Estate of Mr Tony Lentino, Owner of Instra.
I was introduced to Tony via Cameron Slater. Tony is a genius and quite a mans man. I like him. I’m just going to summarise outcomes.
Tony, Instra/Super Black Racing/OnlyDomainz owner, was the one who bailed out  when he was raided and has assets seized.
Specifically, Mona ( wife) came to Tonys house and begged for money for her kids and rent payments. Tony, top bloke, agreed to it.
When I say loan, I mean like $250,000 loans. So Kim had money quite soon after his arrest. Did Kim sort his own guys out? Like Finn? Guess.
Everyone that hates  but loves  makes me ill to my stomach. Kim is a piece of shit. Nazi regalia collection, snitch…
But Kim didn’t deserve to be raided and have kids frightened. No one does, really. Which is the crux of problem. Why do we allow this? Why?
Everybody mad atcha boy Ben today.
For a deaf guy, I so enjoy some music ;)
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
Frost – The Road Less Taken.
Have a good arvo Tweeps.
 Cam and Co. I’ve got a collection of all your socks and puppets. Here and on your site. Grow a pair and come frontally.
 Because I’ve been nice to you and that can stop right now if you want to dance. Right now. Your choice, WhaleOil and crew.
.. Seriously, you support racist and mysoginistic pieces of shit. I would enjoy it.
Alright. Gloves off because Whales using socks to come at me. I was so fair to you. That ends now, brother. Think you’re hard? Let’s see :-)
Alright so this was some of the messages I had from Whale last night.
Embedded image permalink
I am known as someone who knows about network and computer security, in some circles. You get offered jobs. Would you like to hear about it?
I was offered $5,000 and bonuses to hack The Standard and pull out the authors list and keep a Backdoor in. I did not. Now you know.
If that’s true – and it wouldn’t surprise me – it would make Slater a major hypocrite with all his complaining about being illegally hacked and claiming he doesn’t do anything illegal.
But it also wouldn’t surprise me if this is made up to try and dump on Slater.
Lynn Prentice responded:
 Should have taken the money. A pile of aliases, a few real names, and redirected gmails. Would need 4 computer hack to hide
Rachinger’s response:
I’m pretty good. Would have phished and social engineered my way to the target. Totally illegal though, Mr Prentice.
Yeah right! You’d access from a 56yo old programmer on the nets and politics since before you were alive. Wrong skillset…
Why is there a redirect to Labour site on your server? Mitigate DDoS? Hosting? Genuinely curious.
But hey. If you have any hard evidence of Blubberboy offering, I’ll show you the system in exchange. Prison calls for him.
I respect my adversary though. His name is Cameron Slater and he is furious a deaf, brown kid is not afraid of him and the DP crew.
And the thread continues:
Lefties need to clean their house. Right wingers need to grow a pair and sort their elites out. Kiwis need to wake up and Stand Up.
Let’s get in even more trouble Ben. Sorry, I couldn’t stand by and let Hager be jailed. I said what I had to say.
Embedded image permalink
I’ve never met Hager. But the thought of the Govt gunning for him like this makes me mad. I’m probably going to be arrested for blowing this
It’s been a privilege/honour to go undercover to unmask them. I’ve given you enough to get started. Hopefully I see the tree from this seed.
“I must warn you that the people you’re speaking out against are ruthless, dangerous and powerful”
Yeah, and?
That seems to be it at this stage, Keep an open mind on this. It could mean number of different things.
Mike C says:
Ben Rachinger is very closely associated with Andrew Little and Matt McCarten :)
I don’t know it that’s correct or not.
This comment from Slater yesterday on Facebook may or may not be related:
I’m about done with lying, thieving, disloyal scumbags.
Slater seems to only post links to Whale OIl from his Twitter account these days. He has blocked me from following or viewing his Twitter (that’s futile).
Twitter profile:

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