Tuesday, 28 April 2015

John Key on the Jon Stewart show

Tim O’Shea illustrates how this makes us feel as New Zealanders

* Edmund Hillary put us on top the world

* The Springbok tour protests earned us the respect of Nelson Mandela

* David Lange helped to put us on the world map with our anti nuclear stand

* Peter Blake helped NZ to win yachting's greatest prize

* Helen Clark has been shortlisted for the next head of the United Nations

* John Key has ruined our 100% Pure world reputation by polluting our rivers with cow shit, has put NZ on the UN's map for human rights violations, has soiled our "corruption free" image with his dirty politics, has given us $85B of unaccounted for debt, has covered up for pedophiles and wife beaters, and is now the butt of jokes in the international media for pulling a young woman's hair.

John Key and #PonyTailGate on US television


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