Monday, 27 April 2015

Methane levels of 2845 ppb recorded

Methane levels as high as 2845 ppb

26 April, 2015

Methane levels as high as 2845 parts per billion (ppb) were recorded on April 25, 2015, as illustrated by the image below.

This is an extremely high peak. The average daily peak in 2015 until now was 2372 ppb, while the highest daily mean ranged from 1807 ppb (January 10) to 1829 ppb (April 22). Daily peaks and highest mean levels in 2015 are shown on the image below.

Things look set to get worse. As shown by the image below, from an 
earlier post, global methane levels have risen sharply from a low of 723 ppb in 1755. Mean methane levels were as high as 1839 ppb in 2014. That's a rise of more than 254%.
The situation is dire and calls for comprehensive and effective action, as discussed at the Climate Plan.

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