Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Guy McPherson abrupt climate change presentation

Guy is currently in Switzerland, soon to hit Iceland and London

Comments from Kevin Hester -

"No one wants to believe there is no way out from this catastrophe but the IPCC still clings onto the hope of fantasy technology.

"If an asteroid were heading towards earth and was about to wipe out most or all life on earth do you think the corporates that think they own us would let us know? Of course not, they want/ need to keep us on the treadmill peddling our hearts out.

"We are the asteroid and our fate is set, like it or not, finding another planet like little blue isn't an option, turning this predicament around is long past possible.

"Don't shoot the messenger, save your anger for those who knew and didn't care, spare us that do."

Guy McPherson in Konstanz, Germany
Guy McPherson - abrupter Klimawandel

To watch Guy’s presentation in Konstanz, Germany GO HERE

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