Thursday, 23 April 2015

More on the ponytail scandal

Ponytail saga: Sexual harassment complaint laid against John Key
A sexual harassment complaint has been laid against Prime Minister John Key, seeking compensation for the waitress in the ponytail pulling scandal.

Amanda Bailey / John Key
Amanda Bailey / John Key

23 April 2015

The complaint was filed this morning by private prosecutor Graham McCready.

Mr McCready's complaint alleges that Mr Key breached Section 62 (b) of the Human Rights Act,. He is seeking "considerable compensation" for Amanda Bailey and "if she does not want it I ask for the money be given to Women's Refuge".

Ms Bailey wrote a damning post on the Daily Blog, revealing Mr Key's continuous aptitude for pulling her hair when visiting the Parnell cafe where she works.

She likened his behaviour to "school yard bullying" and said she felt powerless and humiliated.

Mr Key apologised for his behaviour by sending two bottles of pinot noir to Ms Bailey and later accepted that it was not appropriate in hindsight and that he thought it was in the "context of practical jokes".

In the wake of the revelations, many prominent people and groups have weighed in, mostly in defence of Ms Bailey and ridiculing the Prime Minister.

Political analyst Bryce Edwards told TV ONE's Breakfast programme this morning that Mr Key may struggle to recover from damages incurred by his ponytail tugging.

"A lot of people will be laughing at John Key, that's harder to recover from," Mr Edwards said.

Today, Ms Bailey has alleged she was duped by a journalist at the NZ Herald, and comments and photos were used without her permission.

The journalist, Rachel Glucina, tweeted this morning about the claims, posting "this is utterly not true" and that she will "be responding in due course".

Herald Editor Shayne Currie has responded to ONE News about Ms Bailey's accusations, saying "none of what is stated is accurate".

NZ Herald editor's Statement Re: Rachel Glucina IV With Amanda Bailey

Thursday, 23 April 2015, 12:01 pm
Press Release: NZ Herald
Herald statement

Shayne Currie, Editor of NZ Herald has released a statement on how the story was reported:

Rachel Glucina approached the Hip Group yesterday, after The Daily Blog broke the story. She knows the Hip Group owners personally.

Glucina wanted to follow-up The Daily Blog post and urged the couple to front-foot the issue.

She spoke to the couple and the waitress over the telephone. Regardless of any confusion over the initial approach, all three agreed they wanted to make a public statement.

They also agreed to pose for a photograph and a Herald photographer was dispatched. They were told by the photographer that the photo would be appearing in the Herald.

Herald editor Shayne Currie also spoke to the owners of the Hip Group yesterday afternoon following a call from a PR firm that had already been helping them.

"When I spoke to the owners, they told me they had initially thought Rachel was working on a statement to go to all media, along with the photograph.

"Given the situation, I wanted to absolutely ensure they knew this interview and photograph were for the Herald. To further ease any concerns, we took the very rare step of agreeing Rachel should run the quotes past the parties before publication.

"By then, no one was in any doubt that the article, quotes and photograph would be appearing in the Herald."

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