Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee

From Mike Sliwa

Clinton and Trump are Examples of a Country not Worth Saving

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will both be detrimental to our nation

Mike Sliwa


8 May, 2016

For those on the left who continue to perpetuate the very system that requires the injustices they claim to detest, Hilary Clinton seems to be their only option against Donald Trump. This is what those who only see thier options in terms of blue and red states would have us believe. Which future war criminal (although some may argue Clinton has already achieved such status) do we want in the Oval Office next? These are what our political choices have always been but now the focus has become much clearer thanks to Mr. Trump. The lesser of two evils rhetoric  is back with a vengeance and Trump is playing it perfectly.

A good portion of the populous cannot see such a false dichotomy. Their vision is limited and they can only see two alternatives. This has been the history of ruled people. To pursue other alternatives, besides supporting the political process, takes creativity and hard work. I’m not talking about the mindless hard work many of us participate in our daily lives but rather something that comes from wisdom. Therein lies the rub. Wisdom comes from reflection and a subsequent lack of fear. We rarely reflect and as a consequent we are filled with fear.

Both represent power and greed. Both represent a white supremacist nation still trying to bury its brutal past.

Throughout United States history we the people have been complicit in the terror and environmental degradation against those who we fear and towards those we simply don’t know. There’s an obvious correlation between the two. The two nominees are the two we deserve. Both represent a country built upon ecocide and genocide. Both represent power and greed. Both represent a white supremacist nation still trying to bury its brutal past. Both require our lack of creativity and lack of wisdom and both rely on our collective fear of what might happen if elected.

This November we will again line up at the polls to support the party line. Some will have us believe that such a line between the two is vastly different. They continue to confuse rhetoric with implementation. There are significant differences in the rhetoric between Clinton and Trump. What remains the same is the office they both seek. The office requires a particular ideology which they both share despite their differences in rhetoric. It requires the nominee who as ascends to the throne to maintain American Empire at all costs. If we look at our past leaders and reflect we can quickly see the standard play book they all used. Some navigated the political minefield better than others but in the end they all moved empire forward and sold their souls long ago to attain such power. At the end of the day the collective body of our leaders remains one long line of white supremacist, patriarchs (including President Obama and Hilary Clinton) who maintain a loyalty to power rather than the people they claim to govern.

I propose seeking another alternative or maybe a series of alternatives for this election cycle. Instead of doing the same thing over again and expecting different results, we may want to reflect and then proceed. If we want change then it begins within each of us. My guess is we really don’t want change because what it requires is a realization that all we know and love is unequivocally fraudulent. If we are patriotic we must reflect on such a position. If we are mass consumers then we must reflect on such action. If we continue to vote and therefore perpetuate systemic injustice by validating it every so often, then we must reflect on such choices and our complicity in their outcomes. Once we begin to go down this path there is no return. Our awakening to the insidious absurdity of such a living arrangement will become crystal clear. Our alternative become alternatives. 

One of them may be that this country we’ve come to know and possibly love is not worth maintaining … or even saving. What exactly are we trying to preserve? When we vote for power then power always wins and we all continue to lose. If that’s what we want to continue then I suggest we continue to practice our version of Idiocracy.

In 2020 some will be calling for impeachment while others will be chanting, “Four more years!” Either way, the game will continue until we decide it to do something wise.

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  1. While I agree that neither Trump or Hillary will be "good" for the country, I think it is clear that one is bought and paid for and heavily endorsed by establishment elites, while the other is heavily hated and ignored. Trump is merely giving a voice to what millions of people across the US want, and he is winning big. My question is, does he know how it works once you become president? All recent presidents have been owned by Wall Street and by Israeli interests. I have listened to several speeches by Trump and he understands business, he knows the money game and at least in theory can correct some illegal legislation that has been passed by the clintons and others. I am not voting for him, but I see him winning the election and the two party system all but dissolving. However, I would not be surprised if the government has him assassinated if he does not fall in line.