Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The US Primaries - 05/10/2016

Sanders and Trump win West Virginia primary

Trump: victories a 'great honor'

Trump’s campaign releases a statement on his “massive” victories tonight:
It is a great honor to have won both West Virginia and Nebraska, especially by such massive margins. My time spent in both states was a wonderful and enlightening experience for me. I learned a lot, and that knowledge will be put to good use towards the creation of businesses, jobs, and the strengthening and revival of their economies. I look forward to returning to West Virginia and Nebraska soon, and hope to win both states in the general election. Likewise, my time spent last week with the great people of Oregon will hopefully lead to another victory next Tuesday.

Sanders: 'we are in this campaign to win'

Sanders has taken the stage in Salem, Oregon, and touted a “double-digit” victory in West Virginia, to the crowd’s delight. He asks them for a similar result next week in Oregon. “It is high time for the wealthy and the large corporations to start paying their fair share in taxes,” he says, to cheers.

We have now won primaries and caucuses in 19 states. Let me be as clear as I can be: we are in this campaign to win the Democratic presidential nomination, and we are going to fight for every last vote in Oregon, Kentucky, California, the Dakotas. Now we fully acknowledge, we are good at arithmatic, that we have an uphill climb ahead of us. But we are used to fighting uphill climbs. We have been fighting uphill from the first day of this campaign when people considered us a fringe candidacy. And our message to the Democratic delegates... is while we have many areas of disagreement with secretary Clinton, there is one area where we agree, and that is we must defeat Donald Trump. And I am very happy to tell you we will defeat Donald Trump.

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