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IMPORTANT: SouthFront Faces a Stiff Pressure from Ill-Wishers

by SouthFront

SouthFront has been under stiff pressure from different sides (corporations and, as we could consider, governments).

Recently there was another blatant attempt to impede the project’ activities.

PayPal restricted the project’s account again and requested additional data 24 days ago (on April, 15). We have been granted 28 days to provide the data or our account will be suspended (deleted).

This is the exact same request that we received in December, 2015. At that time we provided PayPal with all the information that was requested and all restrictions were removed almost immediately.

Now the situation is completely different. Within 24 hours from the time that PayPal’s request was received, we responded with answers to all of their questions. So, our response was sent to PayPal on April, 16th . PayPal did not send us any reply to signal that they received our information. Then, on April 20th, we wrote a letter asking for the reasons why we didn’t get any reply, additional requests or information regarding the matter. Again, no reply. Then, on April, 22nd, we called PayPal by phone and were assured that everything was fine, that there were no worries and that the issue would be dealt with within hours. We requested that the 28 day period be frozen, but we were told that there was no reason. After this conversation over… NO REPLY in any form was forthcoming. No calls, no emails or other notice of any sort. In the meantime, the “28-days” period is still running its course and expiring. Then, on April, 26th, we sent a complaint to PayPal. NO REPLY. Then, on April 28th, we re-sent a complaint to PayPal again. No reply of any kind. Our last call to PayPal was on May 3rd. The tough talk took place and, “Wow!”, an operator said that she couldn’t understand the real reasons why we didn’t receive a reply or additional request. Moreover the PayPal specialist sent us “a message” that the “reasons” are caused by some circumstances beyond the normal course of business.

By now, 24 days of the 28-day period have elapsed without any update from PayPal.

SouthFront has evidence that this situation is a result of destructive actions of the project’s ill-wishers. If the account is blocked, we will provide an additional data about the case.

Dear friends, today we have to inform you that our PayPal account ( will be working within next 4 days only. These days, SouthFront is still able to accept your support through it. We ask our friends who have PayPal accounts to send letters/requests to PayPal about reasons of blocking SouthFront’s account.




Today, there are 3 days until SouthFront’s PayPal account will be frozen (more detail about the case here). Yesterday, we received comments about the essence of PayPal’s requests. Being transparent, we provide the project’s reply to PayPal.

Requests and replies originally were in Russian because the owner of the account is the resident of the Russian Federation.
This information was sent to PayPal on April 16, 2016.

SouthFront’s answer to Paypal:

At your request on April 15, 2016.
PayPal request for additional information PP-004-750-857-672 RXI000
First of all, I would like to note that I have already replied to similar questions in detail. See your requests PP-004-412-447-193 RXI000 on December 13 and 17, 2015 and the answers to them. All questions to the project were removed. It was confirmed in a phone conversation.
As to your questions as a matter of fact:
PayPal Question: “Are your transactions connected with a business?”
No, transactions are not connected with a business. The detailed explanations were provided in my answer to your inquiry PP-004-412-447-193 RXI000 on December 17, 2015:
All funds received are voluntary donations that are received for the development and maintenance of public analytical project SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence (
Project does not sell any of the goods, does not provide any paid services, does not set a paid access to information.
The project is supported by voluntary. SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is a non-profit initiative. The project activities are provided by a group of volunteers and contributors from around the world. Additional information about the project, its principles and activities can be found here:
Profit and commercial activities are not the project’s aims.
The key principle of the project is a free creation and distribution of analytical information about the international issues, providing an alternative point of view. Today, SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is accorded wide recognition. For example, you can see the evaluation of the project activities here:  or here: or on many other websites.
The project team creates about 60 unique videos per month; the number of info graphics, analytical reviews and the unique materials is about 300 items per month. All the information is distributed absolutely free of charge.
The project funds allocate for:
  1. payments for hosting, domains and traffic;
  2. payments for soft and external services;
  3. servers and website administration, website upgrading and improving;
  4. hardware equipment;
  5. spends for design and production of content;
  6. the project development.
PayPal Question: “Please provide a list of goods and services”
Please look at the answer above.
Project does not sell any of the goods, does not provide any paid services, does not set a paid access to information.
PayPal Question: “Please confirm that your account will not be used for the purpose of doing business in the future. According to our data, you may not live in the country in which your account is registered. Please provide comments on your place of residence”.
I have already confirmed and confirm once again that the account is not used and will not be used for the purpose of doing business.
The second part of the question is really puzzling. What are your data? My account is registered in the country where I live (you have all the docs that you have already verified). If you have any other information, please specify your question. You can also ask your technical team, which will provide data from where I get into my account.
PayPal Question: “Copies of the documents under which funds were received (contract, invoice, etc.), as well as an explanation about the purpose of these transfers.

I believe that the answer to this question is abundantly set forth at the beginning of this letter. All funds received are donations.
It is easy to check by looking at my account (type of income, payments methods, donator’s comments and other relevant information) and information on the site

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