Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Fort McMurray during the good times

Fort McMurray: Oil sands boomtown

Boom times,time town

Fort McMurray, Alberta is the epicenter of oil sands mining and people from around the world have flocked to find jobs. High wages have inflated the cost of living and some struggle to manage the money they make. Some people spend too much on entertainment or get caught up in drug use. Others, though, have found success and are building new lives in Fort McMurray

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  1. Fort McMurray is indeed completely on fire and a ridiculously warm winter featuring lack of snowfall combined with hot and dry spring conditions are the causes. It is another very clear example of climate change and this is only the beginning. I lived there for a time. It is desolate at the absolute best of times.

    Northern British Columbia is also tinder dry and will be in the news soon enough.

    Humanity is doomed and these types of events are hardly the 'canary in the coal mine' They will continue and can only get worse, globally. Do we have another generation left? (25 years?) Personally I doubt it more every single day.

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