Monday, 4 March 2019

US military build-up in Romania on doorstep to Ukraine

Large US Military Gear Build-up begins in Romania - Why?

3 March, 2019

A trainload of US Abrams Tanks, military helicopters and more has arrived in Romania. A lot of people are asking "Why?"

The march toward an utterly massive war, likely against Russia, seems to be continuing, as a trainload of US Abrams main battle tanks arrived in Romania.

Moreover, the tanks are accompanied by: Bradleys IFVs, CH-47 Chinook, AH-64 Apache, UH-60 & HH-60 Black Hawk helicopters.

Here's a photo of the helicopters just unloaded from a ship:

A map of the region will be helpful for readers to grasp what's actually taking place:

Gee, look how close Romania is to . . . Ukraine.

There's been a lot of trouble between Europe and Russia over WHO will control Ukraine. Europe is not giving up and is using U.S. military might to set the stage for a battle Royale with Russia over Ukraine.

Of course, no one in Europe or the US is talking publicly about any such direct military conflict. Yet while they're not TALKING, they're very much DOING.

Russia sees this. Russia knows what's going on. Russia is not going to sit idly-by while Europe and the US intrude on Ukraine because they know for certain the US and NATO are literally surrounding Russia in order to go for the kill shot.

The US and Europe intend to wage actual war upon Russia.

It will take awhile before they get all the pieces in place, but any rational, thinking, person can see what's going on.

Let me ask my fellow Americans: Did any of you vote for direct war with Russia? What about those of you in Europe; did any of YOU vote for war with Russia?

This is the most glaring example of our governments NOT doing what we the people want, but instead undertaking the agenda of someone else.

Whoever that "someone else" is, needs to be stopped. Killed if necessary; but stopped one way or the other.

The lives of millions of us depend on it.

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