Tuesday 26 March 2019

Max Igan - they are goingto shut us down

Max Igan -thoughts on the Christchurch massacre

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In regard to the Christchurch shooting, I don’t really know what else to say. So I will offer you this.

I worked in the film industry when I was younger. 7 years in set construction and special effects. I have worked on at least ten major films in that capacity. Pitch Black, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Lethal Weapon 2, Babe, Babe 2, Dark City. That kinda thing. Since then I have made feature length films, countless one hour videos and spent over 10 years working with film editing, motion graphics, CGI animation and photoshop, almost every day and I can find nothing in the aftermath video that proves it was a rehearsal. Nothing. It all simply depends on what people want to believe… I see blood all over the place, casings everywhere, and if it was rehearsal, then I guess that one guy with the blue top on leaning against the wall, was practicing bleeding all over the wall and floor and having half his brains fall out on his shoulder when he was propped up. And the reality is that I, and anyone else who truly cares to look at the shooters live stream video with a clear and open mind, can disprove every single claim of CGI that has been made, very easily, but of course, I cant show the video because its banned, why? 1. because it reveals it was a black op with multiple shooters and a well coordinated team, and 2. so they can run their fake news meme.

That is how they are going to shut us down… think 3 moves ahead, its so obvious…. Why do you think the CGI claim was made so quickly and took off so well? … accident? or because it was supposed to… Look at the video again… really LOOK at it… that’s all I can ask. And I will continue to believe what I can see and prove for myself… but of course no one wants to listen – and to even attempt to open it up for discussion, instantly generates a chorus of SHILL SHILL SHILL! by default… And why do you suppose that would be? Even though I have given 10 years of honesty on air, it wont matter, people will believe what they choose to believe, and if some wish to throw me under a bus now for thinking out side their cointel programmed box, which is unfortunately what it is, with truly no insult intended, well, so be it. They are simply walking to their own slaughter.

If people cannot see that the claims of CGI are the false narrative to cover up the real black op and allow the fake news meme to follow in order to shut down the independent media, then I cant really help them. But, as I wrote in a recent article, with all the accusations of ‘shill’ that I am hearing and all the accusations that I am somehow ‘supporting the official narrative’. No one has yet explained to me how, by saying this was a govt run black operation with a trained assassin, multiple shooters and real victims, is in any way supporting the official govt narrative of a ‘lone wolf white supremacist’ at all, which is interesting – because I can very easily explain, exactly, how claiming it was all fake and CGI, and accusing anyone who says different of being a shill, supports their agenda precisely… And still not one single person pushing the CGI meme can offer me anything but “anybody can see and you are an idiot and a shill if you cant” – that’s it. That, so far, appears to be the entire argument…

Well, you say its fake. Ok. Show me how. And actually show me, don’t give me the ‘anybody can see’ version, just show me, otherwise its like the emperors new clothes… well no sorry, I don’t buy it, the emperor is naked…. but if no one will listen, well I can only do what I can do, and I really don’t care how many people attack me for it. I’m only a small voice, do people seriously think I would be running damage control for the state? Seriously? No, the people who are trolling to squash this perspective from getting out and make sure the CGI meme runs are running damage control for the state. The CGI meme has to run, otherwise the fake news shut down that is going to follow will never work.

But I will continue to think for myself and share that which I can see and prove for myself . And I don’t really care if it goes against the ‘official alternate media’ narrative…

You just watch, because if we cannot shut down and expose this completely false ‘CGI all fake no deaths’ narrative and people run with it, this is going to be used to then push the 'fake news' meme and shut down the independent media as mindless conspiracy theorists who don’t care about dead people and just make up any shit they want. We will be portrayed as the type of people who influenced Brenton Tarrant. What do you think the Manifesto and YouTube (pewdepie) reference was about? ...And the sheeple will buy it – and then many of the main speakers such as myself and others will be shut down and likely arrested as ‘inciters’ and potential ‘terrorists’ … you just watch how this all plays out. This is not a game,

Stay safe everyone

so now bring on the trolls I guess

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