Friday 22 March 2019

Facebook open letter to PM Jacinda Adern

This has been making the rounds on the internet

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I am gonna say it how it is.

Jacinda Arden PM of New Zealand you have become a major part of the division problem. You need to step down from your office now. You forced Parliament to be Submitted yesterday to Islamic Prayers, now you are forcing by demanded strong suggestion all of New Zealand to submit, to Submit to the Islamic call to prayer by it being played over the airways on NZ.

It is one thing to have a moments silence which I think most New Zealanders would be honourable and respectful in regards to this depraved loss of life and the terrorising of New Zealand citizens and visitors at 2 mosques and the horrific loss of so many lives and loved ones, I two stand in silence and in honourable respect and deep sadness reflecting on this unnecessary loss of precious life.

However New Zealand is not an Islamic Country, yet has those of Islamic faith welcomed within her bounds, and you are correct, when migrants come to our beautiful country they assimilate or should assimilate and become "They are us". They are welcomed with freedom to worship and right to assemble. However we do not become a them, this is a huge difference. We have the right to not worship or worship elsewhere, or worship a tree or a stone should we wish, it's called freedom paid for on the backs of our fathers and mothers and forebears. I am getting a little sick of you as the PM and the media using Islam as a race card. ISLAM is not a RACE. Islam is a religious sect or ideology and you Jacinda are forcing through as head of state Islam on your nation. You have no right to stand in the highest office of the nation and use your position to influence and to insist this type of response. You must remain neutral in your decisions for the sake of all New Zealanders, you have gone too far. You are not an Imam you are the Prime Minister and as such you have no right or position in calling all New Zealanders to Islamic Prayer you are so outside of the boundaries of your office.

I will say it again and most likely be attacked for it. You have given so much but now so much more will be demanded.

I want to remind you that there is no such thing as Government Funded, there is only "Tax Payer Citizen Funded". When you say we will pay and ACC will pay or I will ensure this will be paid you are actually saying every NZ tax payer will pay, making an instsnt decision over and above all ACC protocols and procedure, ok I get it.

However New Zealand is not guilty of this crime a fundamentalist fool is. Yet going to these far responses in itself is (forcing by empowered suggestion bordering demand from your office) is also extreme and fundamentalist.

On another note Jacinda since when did Gang Patch Members have a security guards license ? Since when were Patched gang members allowed to patrol the streets and the front of public buildings and houses of worship in Gang Colours and regalia? Please explain.

You are so quick to demand or suggest that innocent farmers and citizens give up their guns and armoury. Because of one deranged man? Again an extremist response.

If you wish to wear your hajib I honour and respect your right to do so, if you wish to bow down and in knelt prostrate position on the floor under the sound of the Islamic Call to prayer and Honour Allah I respect your right to do so, but as PM you do NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO FORCE OR EVEN SUGGEST THIS ON OTHERS IN YOUR OFFICIAL CAPACITY OF OFFICE. If that is what you want all of NZ to do then you must relinquish your office and your authority first and do this from grass roots not from entitlement of the nations head office In this You have gone way too far, perhaps you should step aside from your headship as you have now gone far beyond your responsibilities. For the record - Islam does not mean Peace, it means Peace by Submission.

Please don't misinterpret me, the only right response to the attacks on New Zealand's citizens and visitors including those proclaiming and identifying as Muslim by faith is unconditional love and kindness, however it is not - That others are to be made subjects of Islam, by your decree.
I'll own it. 

Peter Mitchell


  1. We support you Jacinta Ardern.

    You are a woman of peace.

    You rock!

    1. Unknown . You coward. You want to support a tolatarian leader and its government anonymously. You could be a government pr troll for all anyone knows. Leftist leaders like Jacinda HATE their own history culture and traditions. They want to burn down eveything to build a new " Utopia ". The Mad dragon queen in Game of Thrones Dany has nothing on Jacinda . Both will destroy the world to make a so called paradise.


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