Wednesday 27 March 2019

The ravings of a lunatic

This shows clearly how good people have been rendered INSANE, stark raving bonkers

This has permeated everything, even thousands of miles away in New Zealand is going to get expoentially worse

Well said, Jamarl Thomas!

The Most Journalisticly Disgraceful Day Of Keith Olberman's Life | Red Faced. Hysterical. Unhinged

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  1. Alex Jones goes bat shit, raving lunatic crazy at 100 decibels on every single show he does. Where's the criticisms of his lunacy? Oh right, Alex is an alt right American hero and since you are now an honorary rightwing American, Alex and the entire right get a free pass. I'm guessing you once had faith in progressive ideals and now that much of it has failed you are taking it out on progressives and their ideals by over compensating the other way. You certainly have the zealotry of a new convert. It won't help you any more than switching from being an alcoholic to a meth addict. There are no solutions or escape in addiction or politics.

    You know that the flooding in the US midwest is well into the billions and has flooded 8 toxic Superfund sited including one with radioactive material.

    I guess you think the obermann story is just as important as the flooding since you have 1 link for each story and the ongoing flood story you posted is 3 days old.

    No surprise you being an alt-right American and all.
    Midwest Flooding Hits Superfund Sites, Including Some With Radioactive Materials

    “The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) now says that flood waters have reached eight Superfund sites in Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska

    Because flood water levels remain high, it isn’t possible for EPA personnel to reach the sites and test these sites, which are in need of major environmental cleanup due to the presence of hazardous waste and toxic chemicals such as arsenic and cyanide, to name a few of the poisonous chemicals found in areas now federally designated in need of decontamination. But officials at other environmental organizations say the EPA should treat the possibility of spreading contamination as the serious public health threat that it is. Some of the impacted sites contain radioactive materials, in addition to toxic chemical compounds.”

    Btw, shoes on power lines is quite common in N America - google it.


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