Monday 25 March 2019

Tony Gosling on the link between Christchurch massacre and ISRAEL

Israeli 'declaration of war' threat linked to New Zealand massacre? Killing peace in Christchurch


 Like the 2011 Anders Breivik attack in Norway was this terrorist bringing the Middle East conflicts to an otherwise very peaceful country - far away - trying to suck it into the NATO/Israeli Zionist/Salafist WWIII agenda? 

Norwegian Freemason terrorist killed 77 

The Christchurch terrorist killed 50 but would have been more without brave interventions at Christchurch NZ double Mosque attack - too many Israeli threats - NZ PM Jacinda Ardern not naming terrorist – terrorism, Operation Gladio and NATO intelligence services; – Israeli Mossad caught stealing identities of dead New Zealanders after Christchurch earthquake: Christchurch earthquake unmasked team of Israeli spies in New Zealand (20Jul2011) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says New Zealand's vote against Israeli settlements 'is an act of war' – Israeli secret agents in New Zealand stealing identities of disabled people: 

The spies who stole my name; Six more Britons, including a 23-year-old woman, have discovered their identities were stolen by an alleged Mossad hit squad in the murder of a Hamas leader last month 

 – history of NATO and false flag terrorism; Israel sending rockets into Gaza, in response to harmless 'mistake' at same time as Christchurch terror attack; 

 Gaza is a concentration camp 
Martin Summers, Mark Smulian, Tony Gosling - 22 March 2019

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