Monday 25 March 2019

A timeline of Terror


Ben Vidgeon

25 March, 2019

Update 25/03/2019. By Ben Vidgen.
2018 March May: NZ is visited by both former President Obama Barak and Hillary Clinton visit NZ/Australia visits facilitated by US NZ Business Council (The political action group set up to lobby for the free trade deal the TPPA) & US NZ Chamber of Commerce. 

Sep 17, 2018; The Labour-led Government is extending New Zealand’s deployments in Iraq and New Zealand’s commitment to Five Eyes security and our military resent in Afghanistan including the NZSAS special forces.

January 2019 NZ Mahia Peninsular becomes a launch site for US Defence projects part of an overall escalation of US activity in the Pacific out to match/block perceived Chinese expansion. The enterprise Rocket Lab is associated by Fay Richwhite Investments (who are buying up land in New Zealand’s mineral rich East Coast of North Island ).

January 18, 2019 – The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange says it has frozen some funds from hacked Christchurch digital assets exchange Cryptopia. Police dispute how much was stolen. 
January 26 2019 NATO has requested New Zealand support for a new training programme in Iraq, and the Prime Minister is hopeful a free trade agreement with the European Union could be signed this year, after talks in Brussels.
February 2019 Huawei and China role in influencing NZ politics becomes a major news stories.
March 5th NATO force photographed at Camp Darby 12 hours drive Paris. This is reported in anticipation of “politics of tension” a wave of right wing attacks and a polarization campaign of terror in Europe. Photo includes Italy’s ultra right wing Rangers whose emblem includes the Gladio symbol. Gladio was NATO’S post Cold War agent provocateurs terror unit. The 1990’s Italian corruption trials discovered that Gladio’s Italian cell P2 killed more people in terror than any other terrorist organisation in Europe in the 1980’s.
These ‘false flag’ attacks were, according to the Italian magistrates overseeing Italy’s largest corruption trials, however blamed on criminal assassinations by organised crime, left wing terror groups (including funding the assassination of moderate Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro in a hit contacted to the Italian mafia who in turn contracted Moro’s hit out to left wing Red Army Fraction).
March 7th (precise date not confirmed) John Podesta in New Zealand. Its not stated in NZ press why Podesta in NZ.

Does state New Zealand is a “juicy” cyber target for influence in our 20/20 elections. Podesta then departs for Australia. Speaks at talk hosted by Chifley Research Center whose website states;
“The Democrats have taken a battering in recent years but the signs are they are fighting back. This event is an unique opportunity to ask how they and other center-left parties around the world will turn the tide. What’s their plan to win? And what big battles lie ahead”.
The Chifley Research Center is the Australian Labor Party’s official think tank.
Podesta brother Tony Podest is the founding Chairman of American Australian Council affiliated with old Russian hardliners of the KGB who are opposed to rule by Russia by Vladimir Putin and are backed by western oligarchs

Their website states; 

“Our mission is simple: To promote the special relationship between the United States and Australia. We work together with our members to enhance longstanding special channels of trust that deepens existing traditional bilateral communications and activities”.

The group promotes productive and “timely bilateral exchanges among leaders in government, business, national security, technology, academic, media, and cultural arenas”. Where is states is seeks to share viewpoints, policy positions and strategies that “elevates our mutual defense and security” for “economic growth, trade and investment”.Its home pages concludes “Rapid globalization requires new and innovative ways to enhance the focus on Australia, the alliance and bilateral ties in the United States”.

Its sponsor include Lockheed, Chevron,BAE, Chevron,BHP,General Dynamic and the Aboretum Capital non google footprint and three employees?? Founded 2008 no headquarters so sound largely like a political action slush fund.

The firm has a website which has a home page and that is it – yeah they sound like trustworthy organisation.
A similar firm is listed as Arboretum Capital Advisors, LLC now defunct (its website is also down) and is linked to 100 High Street, Suite 1110, Boston, Massachusetts, 02110, United which has $3 Million capital and 15 employees. Am examination of that address can be best summed up as old money and lots of it. An address full of investment firms where no one ever put faces to their Linked in profile which for some reason reminded of the white collar killer Patrick Bateman from American Psycho: a parody of the ruthlessness of Ivy League America.

The ACC council “members” are drawn from the same defence firms listed above plus microsoft, coco-cola and conocophillips.
As to who specifically the website basically says go fuck yourself (but a bit more politely than that) advising you ask either the company who are members or you address inquiries to the committee board chaired by Ernest Bower who is a senior adviser for Southeast Asia Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

The rest of the committee is made up of fifty somethings conservative America who pad their CV to sound important but basically draws from bottom feeding levels of executives from semi established families (well off enough to be able to gain funding for their own self named consultancy group )

Their padded CV make reference to the Bush, Clinton, Barack administration and to the Forbes 500 companies and the Pentagon.

It includes

Robert S. Walker Vice Chairman,Executive Chairman Wexler | Walker Public Policy AssociatesAmerican Australian Council Barry S. Jackson President, Managing Director The Lindsey GroupThe Honorable Marty Russo Secretary, American Australian Council Chief Executive Officer Russo Capitol Strategies, LLCThe Honorable Kurt M. Campbell Chairman and CEO, The Asia Group, LLCThe Honorable Kurt M. Campbell The Honorable Alan M. Dunn Chief Legal Officer IP3 International CorporationSteve Kahng General Partner Arboretum Capital LLCConnie Milstein Senior Business Executive “Philanthropist”American Australian Council The Honorable Kevin G. Nealer The Scowcroft Group

The “AAC hosts private and off-the-record exchanges” between leaders and “stakeholders” of Australia and the United States “designed to reinforce close relations, enhance alignment, mutually share information, and provide constructive inputs to policy makers”.
Bloomberg list an address: as 555 Hamilton Avenue (I guess 666 was taken) suite 110Palo Alto, CA 94301 United States. Same address as Mileston Group who focus n digital investigations and service major banks and insurance groups including HSCB, Paribas, Mercer, Prudentia support US, UN, and various Australian charities.

March 13th Key witnesses into inquiry of alleged SAS war crimes in Afghanistan loose faith. The inquiry was due to finish in April. Instead, key witnesses have walked away, and some of its core participants are disillusioned, with one understood to be on the verge of taking legal action. March 13th: Facebook Instagram crashes for ten hours. I recall Glenn Greenwald, the Pulitzer wining journalist and Gwen Dyer stating crash sign of a hack as hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities that occur in reboots during such a crash. 2Degrees also suffer a crash around this time along with other service providers.
March 15th (ideas of march 1 day off the anniversary date of numerology fixated Podesta email hacks) Christchurch Mosque shooting streams live 1.5 million viewers in less than 24 hours. Apparent violent sexual content filters do not work as expected. It takes place as SAS Australian and “Hong Kong” snipers participate in a terrorist exercise.
The officers who detain the shooter are not from Christchurch but are participating in a counter terrorist exercise. Other details of shooters accomplices participants and their role remain uncertain and subject to wide spread public discussion.
March 26th anticipated Muller report on investigation into whether Russia hacked the US elections and if any US officials concluded. The verdict is in summary NO. Mueller is not going to pursue any further indictments, according to the Associated Press. He has however referred several cases to “career”prosecutors in the Justice Department, and may have more referrals to make that have not become public yet, though “they would not focus on the central parts of his investigation”. According to the Attorney General letter to Congress, there were no cases where Mueller wanted to bring charges against someone but was overruled by the Justice Department.

Time magazine in their coverage list the only parties to face charges were Russian hackers outside of US jurisdiction and therefore unlikely to be seen in a US court. It also explains how cryptocurrency was allegedly used to pay for the effort, as well as other attempts to penetrate United state elections websites. These charges are also unlikely to ever lead to a trial in the United States.
“The similarly detailed 29-page indictment explains how the hackers allegedly used phishing attacks to steal files from the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton presidential campaign, then worked with WikiLeaks to distribute the information to damage Clinton’s candidacy in an effort to help Trump win. It also explains how cryptocurrency was allegedly used to pay for this, as well as other attempts to penetrate state elections websites. These charges are also unlikely to ever lead to a trial in the United States”. The bulk of those that were charged seem to have being jailed not so much for concluding with Russia but rather on unrelated matters such as tax fraud, or campaign election account issues.
March 25th Russian troops deployed to Venezuela in apparent stand off with Trump administration foreign policy.
Time Line Concludes
I am kind of limited on what I can do, the corporate media in NZ as declared a jihad on anything it deems a conspiracy (e.g.anything which did not come from its own ranks)s, my social media is now censored on a daily basis, and while I have US alt right media sniffing around wanting interviews with me. I have no desire to damage the message of my own investigation or be deemed affiliated with their ideology which are opposed to my own value set and I have decided to decline all foreign interview opportunities offered to date.

My partner and friend in this project is Vinny Eastwood who like me a-political but as an independent is free to make his own calls.

I support him 100% what ever his own contact with the international media may or may not be. We share a common goal a free and open society must have free and open press and are oppose to censorship on basis of speech or ideas.

For me my concerns are not gun laws Military style weapons should never have being sold and their existence in the hands of hate groups and gangs. I am on record as trying to warn the public since 1999 when I wrote State Secrets and raised my concerns about David Tipple the owner of Gun City the company which sold the shooter four of his weapons(the fifth weapon is a MSSA that is ‘Californian compliant’)

My concern on the official narrative and official response to date is

A) Are we really going to let corporations decide for us what we can and can see/think as our Corporate media, pushed by lobby groups, is now suggesting.

B) Will this mean armed police. Increased powers for groups like the SAS who are on record as seeking to become the dominant arm of the NZ armed forces. Thus see the NZDF become focused on paramilitary action which suit our larger security partners and their business partners at a cost to real national security issues, such as meaningful climate change strategies (as opposed the UN heavily corporate sponsored version -which in reality is a license for capitalism gone mad), fisheries, and civil defence.

C) I fear the consequence of this attack will result in even more loss of civil liberties and intrusion into their life via burgeoning industry, who increasingly can also be found manufacturing weapons components and mass surveillance technology.

I can date this back to 2008 when Helen Clark met a major arms dealer for Saudi Arabia BAE who arrived in NZ Anthony Texeria to met with New Zealand businesses. I have documented extensively since 1995 on a fleet of aircraft, using plane spotting data bases, whose registration confirms them as known arms traffickers who were either contracted to the NZDF or the Saudi government.

Three case will verify my claims that blood is very much on our hands.:

1. Wikileaks Radiola (NZ) encrypted communication equipment which ended up in Sudan warlords hands.

2. Liber Cell Auckland (NZ) encrypted communication which emerged during the trial of war lord Charles Taylor used to secure weapons, for genocide, in exchange for diamond and timber concessions.

3. Tait Electronics encrypted technology, used in the America’s Cup races, shipped to Valencia Spain via the UAE on aircraft identified in Irish press as shipping helicopters and arms to Is
20.01.2008 Taupo, New Zealand, Tony Teixeira, A1GP Chairman with David Clare and Helen Clark, Prime Minister of New Zealand – A1GP World Cup of Motorsport 2007/08, Round 5, Taupo, Sunday – Copyright A1GP – Free for editorial usage

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